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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mikayla is 11!

Mikayla bday collage

This year we spent the day celebrating her by just relaxing. Yep, that’s what she requested for the day because she asked to go to the American Girl store in a few weeks when we travel to New York City for a gymnastics meet.

Relaxing is right up my alley so we spent the day just hanging out. With her schedule she rarely has time to watch her TV shows when it is a TV day. So I let her lounge in the family room for the day and build her birthday Lego’s and catch up on her favorite shows.

birthday breakfast

For her birthday breakfast she requested bacon, eggs, grapes, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. She normally doesn’t eat a lot in one sitting, she is more of a grazing kind of girl. Don’t let the little bit on her plate fool you, she had 2 plates plus a special glazed donut the Lt. bought her :)


Marie made this sign on the chalkboard wall this morning and McKenzie came along and decorated it herself with a picture of the Lt and I holding hands. Check out my hair, Love it!


Mikayla is still pretty heavily into Lego’s and American Girl. I don’t mind that during her free time she spends hours playing with her dolls and Lego’s. She also got some nifty District 12 knee high socks from her Daddy. Because she is a sock girl, that was the one gift that got a big reaction. Our weather has been pretty yucky and down right cold this week and that delayed her American Girl of the Year, Isabelle, and the accessory kit from her Grandma Great from arriving before her birthday. She’s a trooper though and will be super excited tomorrow when it arrives!

Tonight we head out for dinner at the Japanese Hibachi restaurant and Sweet Frog for dessert. The girls always try to keep their birthday dinner restaurant a surprise. Usually someone ends up guessing where we are going before we get there. This year I think Mikayla has them beat as no on is even close.

hibachi photo credit

The Lt and I are so proud of the young lady that Mikayla is turning into. I get teary eyed when I look at those smiling pictures up above. My girl is growing up so quickly. So thankful I have a camera that can capture each special moment in time.

Trinity's 11th birthday 087

Happy Birthday sweet Mikayla!

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