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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Making a move on the history train

I am a firm believer in changing things around when they just don’t fit. For that very reason I have made some changes for the rest of our 2013-2014 school year.

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Essentially, while I love everything that Tapestry of Grace offered our family, it just did not pan out with the amount of books that needed to be purchased to make it work. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BOOKS! The Lt loves books but not when it costs us $600 + to get through a 9 week quarter. Especially since I have full curriculum to get the job done right on my bookshelves. Our town library, as much as we adore our librarians, does not have a variety of selections that TOG utilizes. Sigh!

So, because we are trying valiantly to be good stewards of the money that God has provided us we will be leaving TOG and going back to Sonlight. I am more than ever determined to make things work with multiple Cores and a new baby in the fall.


For the rest of this school year, Marie will continue on as usual with her Core 300 while Madison slides into the second half of Core H. She will be starting at week 16 on Monday as we have covered everything needed from the first half of this Core with TOG. Mikayla and Montana are going to work through Homeschool in the Woods’s Time Travelers Series ~ The Civil War, The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression, World War II and select portions of Story of the World, Vol 4 to finish out the year. So far some of the material seems over Montana’s head in the Time Travelers but she is picking up little bits and pieces as she rides this History train.


As I have said before Marie is completely independent and we check in each day and discuss her reading, etc. Madison on the other hand is working towards independence. It is a slow ride as her personality is quite different from Maries but we are getting there and for that I am grateful. Here are our proposed changes for the rest of the school year.

Marie ~ staying the same

Madison ~ switching to Core H, starting at week 16

Mikayla & Montana ~ Time Travelers series {5-7}

This history decision is the biggest change that I have made for the rest of the year. I am praying that as we settle into the rest of the year we will have many hours filled with great read alouds and discussions.

Have you made any changes for the rest of this school year?

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