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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Level 8 gymnastics

Mikayla ist meet of season CC

Mikayla’s Level 8 gymnastics season began this past Sunday, Nov. 24th. The atmosphere at this meet was very different than what we have experienced before. It was almost calming, but I will admit I was a nervous wreck for her while she competed each event.

Coach and teammates{Coach and teammates}

My stomach was in knots at times and my irritable uterus, was quite irritable especially when I found out we did not have a copy of her floor music. All was saved by an awesome gym mom and friend who was able to email the piece while I was still driving. I owe her big time!

Training buddy Miss K Commonwealth Cup 11242013 prayer hug


Commonwealth Cup scores

Mikayla’s  leo, a 6x-7, fit just right and the new liner made me more comfortable that she was not going to rip it in unmentionable places. Seriously, I had nightmares last season about her ripping it during a meet. She made it through and qualified for the STATE meet and a 3rd place podium placement on vault!

3rd vault CC 

I have attached the video of her vault (the second pass as on the first pass she touched the mat with her hands on landing and it didn’t count for a score) below. If you would like to see her floor routine, check out this blogs Facebook page, as the video is too long to post here.

Way to go Mikayla, you are off to a great start!

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