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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunshine Haven ~OBX part 1

I was skeptical when the Lt. brought up the idea back in December 2009 of going to the beach for vacation. I have fond memories of spending summers on Cape Cod, MA in a beach house with my family, so I said let’s do it! Christmas day  we booked our vacation and it felt good to know that after the Lt.’s 7 month deployment we would be beach bound.


To say we had an amazing time would be an understatement. The 4 days we vacationed in the Outer Banks (OBX) were amazing! We were evacuated Wed. morning (Sept. 1st) because of Hurricane Earl. Our oceanfront rental was called "Sunshine Haven" and the name did not let you down. We enjoyed the most beautiful sunrises. It was so relaxing just sitting on the upper deck and listening as the waves slapped the shore. Each new day was alive with the sounds of singing seagulls and relaxing ocean breezes.

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 239

The house was big and more spacious than we needed for vacation, but we knew we wanted to be oceanfront with the littles. I loved how it was so bright and airy. With lugging beach chairs, an umbrella, food, toys, and 5 children to the beach daily, it was well worth the extra money paid for oceanfront property.


The girls shared a bunk room and we even brought McKenzie’s pack N’ play, which she didn’t sleep in, but it was a nice jester.


The house offered all the comforts a home away from home. Well, maybe except the fact that they forgot to mention to bring your own toliet paper! On our first night we had to drive 20 minutes south to the next town to buy TP from the Food Lion. That store was a mad house! The occupancy in the OBX triples on Saturdays and Sundays with everyone checking into their rentals. I stood in line with my toliet paper and Lysol for nearly 20 minutes. Finally, the lady in front of me with the stacked cart graciously offered to let me go ahead of her. THANK YOU!!!

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 005

Here are some shots from our trip, I will post more later. I need to finish up around here and get everything ready for church tomorrow.

 FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 058     FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 157  

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 077  FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 222

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 198

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