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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Grandma ~12 month stats

12moFaith 001

Hi Grandma-Great! That’s what sisters have been calling you, well that and Great Mamma. Which one do you like best because I am working on saying “mamma” now. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and had my 12 month check up. Want to know how much I weigh? Do you, really?!?

12moFaith 003

A whopping 15 lbs 2 ozs and 26 1/2 inches!!! But Mommy suspects a couple of those ounces are from the cupful of juice I had before being called back. Dr. Janice and and my favorite nurse, Cindy, were so thrilled and even shocked a bit that I could walk. So I wowed them even more and showed them how I can walk backwards.

12moFaith 010

I saw a tiny baby in the waiting room and I admit I tried to attack him. I thought he was a baby doll like we have at home.  I like playing babies with Montana, even though sometimes she takes my Ruby. My day at the doctors ended with me getting 3 shots in my left leg, which I was not too happy with Nurse Cindy about. And she had to prick my big toe twice to check my blood count,TWICE! I did get a pretty Band-Aid for my toe, though but I took it off on the way home and tried to eat it. Mommy caught me at a red light an snatched it out of my hand, she’s got some good reflexes, that Mommy of mine.

12mo Faith 001

Sisters are having fun doing school. I like to take the dry erase markers and run, they chase me every time, it’s a fun game! One day I colored on the wall with a highlighter, I thought it was pretty, Mommy not so much. Sunday I am going to my NICU reunion, I get to go see the doctors and nurses that took care of me for my 21 day stay. I am pretty excited about it. So that was my day, how is yours going?

Hugs and Kisses, can’t wait to see you again, Luv you!

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