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Monday, September 6, 2010

More OBX pictures

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 187

We spent everyday on the beach in OBX building sandcastles and holes. It was nice to just sit and relax and listen to the sounds of the ocean.

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 089 FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 179FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 094FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 233FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 144

We went to Wings were everything was 50% off, can’t beat that! You see those cute little piggy banks, the frogs and bumble bee? Well Montana wants a piggy bank for her birthday and I totally forgot to go back to the store before leaving the island to get one for her! Not to worry though, I think she will enjoy the piggy bank I found instead for her special day next week.


We ate out at the Dolphin Den which was really yummy! This was the first time we have eaten out in a restaurant  since McKenzie was born. There was a little girl about 18 months that McKenzie was screaming talking to, except the little girl didn’t feel like talking back and just stared at McKenzie. Do you think that deterred her, No Ma’am! She kept on talking to anyone who would catch her eye. Nonetheless, she did really well until she hit her head on the solid wood table. The Lt. had to cut my steak into bite size pieces so I could eat, since there was no way she was getting back into the highchair. 

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 146

We also tried out the local Chinese restuarant. We love Asian food, their sweet and sour chicken was delish! 

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 174 FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 178     

FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 106 FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 235 FAITH ears bday, OBX vacation 238

It was a great 4 days, can’t wait to go back next year and hopefully get to stay the full week. What did you do this summer?

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