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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wet Wednesday

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 045

It’s another scorcher here today. The girls were up early today looking for new dresses online for the Lt.’s homecoming. They are eager to go out shopping but we are waiting on the garage door repair man to come see what’s wrong. So, while we waited we decided to get our Wet Wednesday on in the sprinkler.

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 021

First they tried the sprinkler under the trampoline, but it didn’t give the desired results, plus it made jumping on the trampoline tough.

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 028 Next they tried it with the sprinkler directly on top of the trampoline but soon learned that wouldn’t work either. Montana got pinned in the corner of the trampoline screaming “turn it off, turn it off” and she was doused with water. Did I mention she is not a fan of water. So after that she sat out on the sidelines and watched.

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 050 wet wednesdaypaint julyend 039 wet wednesdaypaint julyend 048 

With the sprinkler on the grass Madison and Mikayla had a blast. These two are not afraid of the water, unless of course they are in the shower and I am trying to wash their hair and then you would think they were drowning. wet wednesdaypaint julyend 057

Marie and McKenzie sat on the sidelines too.  wet wednesdaypaint julyend 020 Fun summer times…Chat later!

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 059

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