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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi Grandma

Hi Grandma…me again!

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 011

Guess what?!? 4 days and a wake up and my Daddy will be home, Hooray!!!

jumping for joy jluy 2010 015

We have missed him so much. This is how excited Mikayla is, she is jumping for joy!

 jumping for joy jluy 2010 030

Here they are doing handstands…I wish I could do that…one day.

Mommy painted the walls this week and I wanted to help her. She went up and down on this big silver thing, I wanted to try to but I couldn’t get my little legs up there.

So this is me touching the wet walls

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 005

Look at my pretty pointed toes, I’ve been watching sisters too at the gymnastics gym.

  wet wednesdaypaint julyend 004 

Mommy stopped painting after this and we went and had a snack, Cheerios, favorite.

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 003

wet wednesdaypaint julyend 006Love you!!! 

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