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Monday, July 19, 2010

TOS Review: Travel the World (June 2010 Module)

Do you know what Geography means? Geography comes from the Greek word “geo”, which means earth, and “graphy” which means to write. So when you break it all down, geography translates to God’s handwriting on the Earth or God’s stage, story, and plan for man on Earth. How awesome is that!?!

The June 2010 Module from the Old Schoolhouse Planner is a fantastic deal! This 56 page eBook is jam packed with everything you need to know to cruise around the globe experiencing fun and engaging activities all the while learning about His story. There are numerous hyperlinks, puzzles, word searches and more to take you on an adventure as you teach your child the seven continents or as you reacquaint yourself with them.

Now, you may be thinking that you have to have the The Schoolhouse Planner to use the modules, but you don’t! That’s the beauty of it. Each of the monthly modules are stand-alone unit studies. You can bundle the modules with a Schoolhouse Planner purchase or acquire them when needed.


Take a look at the sampling of what you will get for your $7.95 purchase. There’s a study guide, coloring pages, lapbooking activities, answer keys, copywork,and more! Personally I love that the copywork is offered in manuscript and cursive, as I have have students at different levels of handwriting. The included high school expansion allows you to dig a little deeper into geography with your older students. This unit study will keep all of your children learning right from the start. Be sure to check out all the other great unit studies offered by The Old Schoolhouse.

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I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse 2010-2011 Crew and as such received a copy of TOS Travel the World, June 2010 Module in exchange for a thorough and honest review. Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of cash for my reviews. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but are not influenced by the company or the free product provided .

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