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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet Wednesday

It's hot... REALLY HOT!!! 109* with the heat index, H-O-T!!!

So what better way to cool off and kick off summer than with a good old fashion water balloon fight.

I filled the balloons for my girls.

Each of the girls got 10 balloons in their arsenal.

The line was drawn in the street.

Big kids vs. little kids.

Strategy was discussed




When the balloons wer gone they all resorted to throwing buckets of water on each other.

Then they ganged up on Marie and starting chasing her.

Run Marie, RUN!!!

A fun time was had by all for the first water fight of summer. My girls talked about what they would do differently next time inluding haviig more balloons. I may need to start filling up the morning of the fight.

Chat later!

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