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Friday, June 25, 2010

I’m off to catapult the last jet…


That is what I woke up to this morning in my email from the Lt. I promptly wrote back for an explanation.

What do you mean your catapulting the last jet, why are you on the roof??? 

DSC03047Don’t worry babe, I will be alright!   My Sailors asked me to do the
final check of the last aircraft to fly off during Operation Enduring Freedom.

DSC03043A final checker on each side of the jet
starts at the beginning of the nose    

DSC03039walking along side the jet
looking for irregularities all the while the jet is moving into position
on the catapult. 

DSC03046 Once the jet has a thorough look over the final
checkers bend down on one knee and raise one thumb in the air for the
tower to see…

DSC03048and another thumb up for the Sailors operating in the
catwalks on the ship, this indicates the jet is safe for flight.

a matter of seconds the jump goes into afterburner and takes off sending
rumblings of steam and heat unto the final checker.



Now Lt. GET OFF THE ROOF!!! (love you Babe, but it scares me when you are up there)

DSC03037Chat later!

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