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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You...

for doing what you do as you sail the oceans blue.

***next time not so close to the edge***


  1. Thank your husband for me! I truly appreciate what he and other present and past members of our armed forces have done for us.

  2. jaqueline! you have not tied your email to your blogger account so i could not reply to your laundry question (not that i am the laundry queen or anything!) that was number 1 on my list of blogging tips yesterday.

    that would be a great question for my forum. i used to have that blog frog thing up on my sidebar but no one used it. if i put it back up would you ask your question there?

  3. mike stay safe.(not so close to the water) thanks for protecting our freedom. we are soooo proud of you! all of us fawvers