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Monday, November 2, 2009

McKenzie update

This morning was McKenzie's 2 month check up. She is growing great and everything checked out with her belly. We ended up getting assigned to one of the nurse practioners, Janice, and I am really happy with her. She took her time and answered all my quesions and then some. She even has a great sense of humor.

McKenzie is not taking her shots too well though, every time she moves her legs she squeals. She ended up getting 3 in the leg and one orally. The oral vaccine is supposed to be bitter, but my girl sucked it down so quickly the nurse got a good laugh out of it. I told her she didn't eat for the first week and a half of life so she is making up for it. Waiting to hear if she qualifies for the RSV series of shots. The nurse thinks she does but wants to make sure Tricare will pay for the shot series. Evidently, it is $50. a poke. Otherwise we may have to travel to the Naval Hospital, which will be a pain in my keyster, considering they will not even allow anyone under 18 in the hospital if they don't have a medical appointment.

On our way to the drug store to pick up some infant Tylenol we got to see a medlife helicopter take off and fly right by the drug store. Pretty neat site, the girls were fascinated and even stood outside in the drizzle to wait for it to take off, and my girls are not too fond of rain and getting wet. All in all a pretty good day. Mike has left the pier and will return later this month, right before Turkey day.

here are Kenzie's stats:

height: 21 1/2 inches
weight: 7 pounds 6 ozs
head circumference: 14 inches


  1. Your girls are gorgeous! I have three girls (18, 4, 2) and a boy, 5. You have a handsome hubby too. :) He's so outnumbered, huh? I'm sure the girls have him wrapped. It's good he'll be home in time for Thanksgiving. The baby is beautiful - she reminds me of mine when they were that young... I'm glad her check-up went well and hope her little legs are feeling better soon. Nice meeting you.

  2. I'm so happy Faith had a great checkup, she is really growing.I love her picture. She is beautiful. Hugs and kisses to Marie,Momtama, Mikayla, and Madison. Grandma

  3. Is that the cutest baby picture ever or what? You have a beautiful family; thanks for your comment on my blog today.