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Thursday, November 12, 2009


We are expierencing our first Nor'easter and I have to say it is not too much fun. We don't live on the coast or near the river so we should be good, I am hoping and praying so. The girls are worried that our house will flood with water and they are upset because they don't know how to swim. Madison suggested she put her life jacket on and then she will stay above water and swim with Cadie if needed. Let's pray the water doesn't get so bad that we need lifejackets. The wind is blowing fiercly and thankfully we have not lost power. The next storm surge comes around 4 pm and will last until sometime mid-Friday. I am worried about those trees though. The wind is blowing hard and the trees are swaying away from us but our neighbors in the back might find themselves with a tree(s) through their roof. I will take pictures later and update...


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