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Friday, September 4, 2009

She tooted!!!

McKenzie is off the ventilator and she is passing gas!!! The nurses took her off the ventilator at 330pm Thursday. I got to hold her for the first time since Monday, and let me tell you, as soon as she was in my arms I was like Old Faithful and my milk starting letting down. Uncomfortable to say the least but I will take it!!! She was fussy and it turned out that she had gas. Since that was the first time she passed gas she cried her little cat cry and passed more gas. This is great news since that means she has bowel sounds and the intestine is starting to work. She is doing really well and she is being weened off the narcotic drugs, that sometimes suppress the urge to breathe on your own. The tube in her nose is draining the bile from her stomach and it is starting to lighten up from the dark greenish-black color. Once it is clear she will be able to take breast milk from a feeding tube, then a bottle, and finally from the breast. Her sucking reflex is already present because she does take her soothie sometimes.

I rocked her for about 3 hours in the rocking chair. Mike would cycle the girls in and out so that everyone got a chance to see and touch her. McKenzie is still bloated from all the fluids she is getting and it is especially noticeable in her face. Madison & Mikayla were picking out who's features McKenzie has. She has the same unattached ears, eyebrows, puckered lips, etc. as the girls. Mikayla then says, "Hey, she has the same chin as Daddy" (referring to Mike's double chin). Gotta love it!!!

Today we are venturing out to Babies R Us to get some onesies, receiving blankets,the all important binkie in which Montana is in charge of picking out, and other necessities. Yesterday we found a cute thick pink blanket at Target as well as cleaning out of there supply of Preemie diapers. McKenzie looks big on the pictures but in person is a peanut. She can fit in both of Mike's hands comfortably. We can't wait to get her home, I don't think I will ever put her down :-)

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  1. cute outfits! i can't wait to hold her and the girls. miss you guys soooo much. take a picture of mike holding faith, because she does look bigger in the pictures... cute, that what i tell people, haha talk you soon. aj