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Monday, September 7, 2009

Bottle feeding!!!

Today we starting going to visit McKenzie during the daytime instead of our usual nightly visits. This is mainly because we are going to be starting school for the girls on Tuesday and need them to be able to go to bed at a decent time and not 1130pm like we have been doing the past week or so. Not that they are complaining :-)

When we arrived today, McKenzie was awake and ready to get a feeding of Pedialyte from a bottle. I am not a big fan of the bottle, but it is a step in the right direction to transition to the breast. She was given 5 mL of clear Pedialyte to see how it would go through her system and drank about 4 mL of it. She had trouble staying awake so I had to massage under her chin to get her to start and continue sucking on the nipple. She is only 35 weeks today but she did so good. Being able to drink from the bottle and swallow without chocking is a great accomplishment.

We all enjoyed our time with McKenzie. Mike cycles the girls in 25 minutes at a time since you can only have 2 people at the isolette. The nurses McKenzie has are FANTASTIC!!! When Montana comes in they don't say anything about her not being 3 years old yet. Mikayla loves to rub all over McKenzie, her face, hands, ears, and head. She also talks non-stop to her the whole time she is at her bedside. Madison usually has lots of questions about what the numbers mean on her screen, what she is hooked up too, and what's going on with the other babies in the NICU. Marie just sits quietly and doesn't do too much talking, must be a pre-teen thing. I have learned that at this stage and age to ask open ended questions.

Still no stool but the x-ray this morning shows that it is there she just needs to pass it. Hopefully the Pedialyte will get things moving a bit more. Everyday is something new, a step in the right direction to coming home!!!


  1. have a great first day of school girls and take a lot of pictures!!! dani is excited for her first day! chat after school...

  2. Go little girl...keep going in the right direction. I am so happy that she's doing so well. I can't wait for her to be able to go home!!!