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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ancient Rome: Project Passport World History Studies ~ a TOS review

Homeschool in the Woods
Disclaimer: I received a Complimentary copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  

Hello friends! Are you gearing up for your new school year? We are finishing up our summer revision studies before we take a little break before beginning our 13th year of homeschooling! What time period are you studying in history? Will you be learning about the Ancient Romans? Do your children like hands-on learning? If so, the products like the Project Passport World History Studies: Ancient Rome from Homeschool in the Woods makes it easy to provide fun, hands-on learning opportunities and make history come alive! 

You probably already know that history is a favorite subject of mine. I love to teach and re-learn with my children. I grew up learning history from a boring textbook so I am so happy that now I can teach my children history with awesome hands-on, project based learning. Amy Pak, a talented graphic designer and experienced homeschooler, has created this fun history product along with many other homeschool curriculum including timeline figures, mapping, lapbooking and more.
We have used the Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Middle Ages, and the Renaissance & Reformation Project Passport so I was so excited to complete our set and work through the Ancient Rome Study.

As I said, we received the Ancient Rome set from the Project Passport World History Studies series as a ZIP download. Getting the files downloaded was really simple, even for me who sometimes struggles with technology. With the ZIP download the files are separated into different folder categories instead of one large PDF in order of usage. Since the Digital edition is browser based you can click on the “Start.html” file and it will pull up the entire program on a webpage if you prefer to view the program that way. Navigation from here is simpler and more like the Project Passports that I have physical CDs for. It’s very visual, which I like for ease of use. You can also just work through the individual folders that you saved if you don’t want a webpage look.

Like the other Project Passport programs you will be fully immersed into your selected time period and explore a wide variety of “stops”. Through games, projects, recipes, lessons and more your child will be transported back in time and discover just what the Roman time period was all about. This is a print heavy program but that is no problem for me! In fact I like that feature so that I can print as many files and activities as I choose on the type of media I choose, whether that be colored card stock or plain white paper. Make a mistake cutting or coloring, just print another copy! 

A detailed itinerary is included for each of the 25 stops on this trip through Rome. The whole program can be spread out over 6-12 weeks. Each stop has several activities or projects to complete to aide in learning. These include:
 ~ Scrapbook of Sights 
 ~ Lap Book 
 ~ Snapshot moments 
 ~ Postcard 
~ Audio tour 
 ~ Newspaper 
 ~ games 
 ~ Edible projects 
 ~ 3- dimensional projects 
Homeschool in the Woods
McKenzie and I have been using this curriculum during our summer revision with great success! I really have enjoyed this time with her as we review about Rome before heading into the Middle Ages period. We will be using the Project Passport: Middle Ages study starting in August as we start our new year.

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Hands On History with Homeschool in the Woods

 Format ~ ZIP download 
 Price ~ $33.95 
Ages ~ 3rd – 8th grade 
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