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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Instill high-level thinking and problem solving skills with Homeschool Complete ~ a TOS review

Would you believe me if I told you there was a complete homeschool program that includes everything you need to teach First Grade? Well guess what!? There is and it is called First Grade Complete from Homeschool Complete.

The main goal of Homeschool Complete is:

“not only to teach facts and figures but also to instill higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills that create a love of learning”.

We received the PDF download of the first semester of the first grade curriculum that includes Bible, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Science, Physical Development, Fitness, and Character Development in a theme based units.

The entire first semester curriculum came to my email as a two-part PDF download. It was a hefty download too, with the teachers manual having 600 pages and the corresponding student workbook just under 300 pages. The Teacher’s Manual is very detailed and includes step-by-step scripted instructions for each day of the program. It also includes detailed lesson plans and material lists so you will be fully prepared. The student workbook contains all the consumable worksheets your child will need for the semester.

The First Grade Complete includes 4 engaging mini units on a variety of topics per month. Each unit is based off a typical five-day school week and gives you the flexibility of have four days of planned activities and one day to catch up or do other activities of your own choosing. In the First Grade program you child will learn about topics including: Family Animals My Body Manners Money Transportation Hibernation U.S. Symbols and more!

My little guy is just now starting to review curriculum like his big sisters. Micah, (almost 5) is an eager learner so I just knew this would be a great program to try with him. Unfortunately, I misjudged the curriculum depth of the First Grade program.


Some of the material, especially the Language Arts that required reading and writing, is above his readiness. However, the math, physical education, and calendar portions are right on target! So, we focused on those sections for our review. When his LA skills catch up, we can definitely come back to these lessons. If we had to choose again, I think the second semester of K would have been a better fit for us.

Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}
I really like the concept of the Homeschool Complete program. My favorite aspects would definitely be the included book lists and the ease of use. I am always on the look out for new readers or read-aloud books. The appendix also holds a wealth of information with the recipes, songs, and pledges used in the program. This program is really well written and might be the perfect fit for your homeschool so please be sure to check it out. They have several different levels including, Kindergarten Complete, Second Grade Complete, Third Grade Complete, Fourth Grade Complete,  and Unit Studies for grades K-6 to check out. 59 of my CrewMates also reviewed different grades and unit studies so be sure to click on the banner below and read some of their thoughts.

 Until next time friends, be blessed!

Homeschool Complete K - 4th Grade & Unit Studies {Homeschool Complete Reviews}

Format ~ PDF Download, 1st semester 
Price ~ $114.71 (includes teacher’s manual and student guide) 
Ages ~ children ready for 1st grade material 

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