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Thursday, March 14, 2019

ARTistic Pursuits: Art in America, Vol. 8 ~ a TOS review

It’s time for another fun review of the newest homeschool art book from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Oftentimes I struggle to incorporate art into our week even though I know how important it is to let kids express themselves. However, the K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. makes art instruction easy for this Mama!

We love ARTistic Pursuits Inc. here at A Stable Beginning so we were thrilled to receive another volume of the K-3rd Grade Level, specifically Volume 8, Art in America. For this review I knew it would be perfect for my youngest daughter, McKenzie (9-years old).

ARTistic Pursuits offers a wonderful Art program for many different grade levels all the way from Preschool through High School.  We have a few older editions of the other books that my older girls have used in the past. For this review I focused mainly on McKenzie.

There are eight books total in this series: 

Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary (Vol. 1) 
Art of the Ancients (Vol. 2) 
Art of the Middle Ages (Vol. 3) 
Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance (Vol. 4) 
Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism (Vol. 5) 
Art of the Impressionists (Vol. 6) 
Art of the Modern Age (Vol. 7) 
Art in America (Vol. 8)

We received Art in America, K-3 Vol. 8 which is a beautiful hardcover textbook filled with 18 projects that focus on pencil drawing instruction using graphite and colored pencils. McKenzie loves the girl on the front because she has pink glasses just like her.

With 64 color rich pages the book features drawings and painting by famous American artists from the 18th to the 20th centuries. For your visual learner you will find video lessons that teach how to use the graphite and colored pencil techniques described. Video lessons are provided on Blu-ray and DVD disc.

You’ll need to purchase a few high quality art supplies to get you started. They include: 

Prismacolor colored pencils 
Ebony pencils 
Pencil sharpener 
Drawing pad 
Compass with pencil 
Construction paper

In the past, McKenzie has had some vision issues as a younger child and it just now within the last year and a half starting to actually like to color and draw. Sometimes, however, she gets frustrated because she doesn't think her drawing are "good" enough compared to her older siblings. My hope was that working through this program would help her learn the techniques of drawing and using her colored pencils too.

Since she has an older sister who is about to graduate with a Graphic Design degree and other older sisters who love to draw, McKenzie already had access to many of the supplies needed. These lessons were a fun fun Friday morning lesson for her to complete before heading to the gymnastics gym to train.

ARTistic Pursuits has met all of my expectations and then some! This art program has taken the struggle to incorporate art into our week away.  They will always be my go to curriculum when it comes to Art for my children because of the ease of lessons and the open and go format of the books.  It’s no wonder they have won so many awards. These books are fabulous and we will continue to use them in our homeschool for many years to come! 

Kindergarten to Third Grade Art following History in Chronological Order {ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Reviews}
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Kindergarten to Third Grade Art following History in Chronological Order {ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Reviews}

 Format ~  Hardcover book
 Price ~ $39.99
 Ages ~ 3rd grade 

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