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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Reading Eggs: 200 Essential Math Skills workbook ~ a TOS review

Micah has started Junior Kindergarten this year and as such we have been focusing on letter recognition and math skills with the help of the Mathseeds part of  Reading Eggs while using the 200 Essential Math skills for Kindergarten, one of their brand new workbooks.  

Over the course of the ten years we have been homeschooling, I have learned that what works for one child, may not necessarily work for another. And vice versa. We are no stranger to the world of Reading Eggs, the online learning site, having used it before with Montana and McKenzie, so I jumped at the chance to use it with Micah.

Micah and I  have been working through the Kindergarten 200 Essential Math Skills book as well as using the online component of  the program over the last few weeks.  Micah loves using the computer for fun online learning games and activities in the Mathseeds program from Reading Eggs.

The Mathseeds program teaches kids 3-9 the core math and problem solving skills needed to be successful. Through highly interactive lessons, Mathseeds keeps kids interested in completing math skills. Mathseeds is also available to play on a tablet so you can take the learning on the go if you have internet connection. The new workbooks keep the learning happening and are filled with 240+ colorful and engaging pages and certificates.

When combined together with the online program, the workbook lessons provide a comprehensive program to increase math knowledge. With 50 lessons that comprehensively cover the following topics:

and measurement

Each lesson includes four pages of actives to reinforce the online learning. On the last page is a yellow box that includes a panel to track knowledge and achievement. There is plenty of material in this course for a whole year of learning. 

Like his sisters, Micah who is 4-years old excels at math. I always feel like he doesn’t get “enough” schooling each day with me because I am working with his big sisters. Using this program a few times a week for 15 -30 minutes has really helped Micah. The only drawback for us is that he can not jump ahead on the online portion. He knows his numbers 1-10, yet his manual dexterity is not as strong. I really wanted to focus on numbers 11-20 but we are going slow to wait for his handwriting to catch up. 

So for the majority of this program we have been using mostly the notebook and letting him play around in the online portion and advancing through the levels. I act as his scribe when he needs to write a number that is not given as a traceable number. This has been working well for us right now. 

With the help of the Mathseeds program and the 200 Essential Math skills for Kindergarten workbook, not only is my 4-year old learning math but he is also having fun! And the best part is that he asks to do math in his workbook everyday! Micah’s favorite activity so far is the car driving game. Like many little boys he loves cars and loved racing around the racetrack.

If you need a little bit of fun to spice up learning to math for your children, look no further than  the Mathseeds program from Reading Eggs! See what my CrewMates think by clicking the banner below!
Online Reading Eggs Suite

Online Reading Eggs Suite {Reading Eggs Reviews}

Company ~ Reading Eggs

Price ~ $19.95

Ages ~ Kindergarten age

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