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Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Trip to the State Fair

We visited the State Fair for the very first time on Friday and the kids and I had a blast! 

We left early in the morning so that we would be there right when they opened the gates at 10AM. The weather forecast had called for a 60% chance of rain. Of course, on the way there, I realized that I had forgotten to grab the littles jackets. So we made a quick detour to our nearest Walmart and I grabbed two light jackets for them. Turns out we only needed them for a few hours. By noon, the weather was warm enough for them to shed their jackets.

As soon as we pulled into site of the fair there were squeals of delight as we had our first glimpse of the rides. Getting our stuff out of the van as quickly as we could, we raced to the entry gates. Soon after we got through the gates we headed towards the cows that were baying loudly. But first we were stopped by the people in the big Geico exhibit.

 Cows and a baby bull taking a bath before the show.

Did you know I cow produces 90 glasses a milk a day!

Next we visited the cows. I learned some new things about cows that I never knew before. Like did you know that before cows are shown in a show they are shaved? First of all, I get that cows are mammals but I never put two and two together that they had hair. Plus, cows are huge! Have you ever been next to a cow?

Next we made our way to the rides but we had to stop by and check out the tractors and ride-on lawn mower.

Finally we made it to the rides! The kids were so excited and wanted to ride everything, which they did. McKenzie and Micah were not tall enough for all the rides in the big kid section so made our way over to the little kid rides and everyone enjoyed these rides.

I must say though, I am too old for these jerky, spinning rides. My back and neck hurt so bad the next day from the Tilt-a-Whirl. A little too much tilt for me.

All in all we had a blast at the fair and can't wait to go back next year! 

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