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Sunday, August 19, 2018

2018 ~ 2019 Weekly Wrap Up ~ Week ONE

Good Sunday evening!

I am just sitting down to write our very first weekly wrap up for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Ten years guys I have been deep in the trenches schooling my kiddos and each year gets better and better! This year we are schooling 12th, 10th, 6th, 3rd, and JrK. Marie is also a Senior at University. Yes, you read that right! I have a Senior in college and a Senior in High School! Its going to be a busy Spring for sure!

We had a pretty great week first week! We started Monday morning full of smiles from everyone. That is always a good way to start off the week in my book. We are still juggling summer practice schedules for Mikayla and McKenzie with gymnastics and Montana with cheerleading, but I was pleased that the girls were able to get their scheduled lessons done.

Madison is taking 6.5 credits this year and her course load is set up like a college students. She doesn't have lessons each day much to the dismay of her siblings. Especially since two of her online classes have not started yet. It's not all relaxing for her though since she is knee deep in college applications and studying to raise her SAT/ACT scores just a tad bit since every point counts in merit scholarship money.

Mikayla is diving into the world of calling and speaking to college coaches. So far she has spoken to or left a message with 3 coaches.  Because of her age, the college coaches can not call her back. Each time she gets a little bit more comfortable. It's an exciting time for her to have this opportunity. She has quite the course load this year as a 10th grader including honors Chemistry but I know she can buckle down and push through strong. AND she understands Significant Figures guys! It just clicked for her...I was prepared and prepped to have days of explanation and working problems. But she gets it, PTL!

Montana has entered into the world of middle school. Her course load has increased just a tad but I know she will rise to the occasion. She is especially excited for all the great literature she is going to be reading this year.  Fall cheerleading has started again and she has moved up to the JV level. Many of the same girls from last year also moved up so there are some familiar faces. However, over the summer some of the girls have seem to become cliquish. Its tough to see your child being left out, whether intentionally or not. She has however, made a new friend with one of the new girls.

McKenzie is a 3rd grader this year. This past week I found it difficult to get her lessons done. We did get the work done but it was later than I had liked. She and Micah spent most of each morning playing while I worked with the older girls. Around 130, I would start working with McKenzie since the majority of their lessons would be done. This next week I want to try and get a better routine and get her lessons taught in the morning, especially before she leaves for the gym on the days she has afternoon training.

My last baby is in's truly bittersweet. I love seeing the world through a preschoolers eyes. So much joy and wonder in discovering new things. Micah loves school and he loves playing games. He is such a sponge right now. Soaking up everything. He decided this week that he is left-handed when writing. That lasted for a day and now he is back to being a righty. Like his sisters he has a mathematical mind and numbers come easy for him.

Over the summer we may the decision to return to co-op. We are all super excited about it especially Micah would can't wait to meet new friends in his preschool class. I am going to be teaching two classes and aiding in two others. The classes I am teaching are science classes. One Logic stage Chemistry and  a Preschool/Kindergarten level science class. For both I will be using curriculum from Elemental Science. Classes start the first week in September and this coming Thursday it's Meet the Teacher Night at this co-op as well as our history co-op Meet & Greet on Tuesday morning.

So that was our week. For week two we are adding in Grammar and Latin to the schedules. Everyone is preparing to work hard and diligently to once again complete our lessons. Hope you have had a great week, until next time!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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