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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Progeny Press: The Josefina Story Quilt - eGuide ~ a TOS review

Have you been gearing up for the new school year? Have you been looking for quality literature guides? Our family has always enjoyed the literature guides we have used from Progeny Press and today I am excited to tell you about our newest guide called, The Josefina Story Quilt - eGuide.

Our family has a fond affection towards good books and let me tell you literature guides make reading even more enjoyable! Progeny Press has been a family owned and operated company since 1992. They produce high quality literature guides from a Christian worldview ranging from lower elementary years through high school. They literally have 100+L guides and add 3-6 new titles each year ranging from lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school. They have got you covered!

The Josefina Story Quilt tells the story of Faith as her family packs up theirs covered wagon as they prepare for the long journey to California. Faith’s beloved pet hen, Josefina, is nearly left behind because she is deemed too old to lay eggs and her meat meat is too tough to eat and there is no room on the wagon. 

At the last minute, Faith’s father allows her to bring Josefina along as long as she does not make trouble. Along the way on the journey to CA, Faith starts to make a patchwork quilt to tell the story of her family’s trip west. She has many memories to quilt as Josefina nearly causes a stampede and falls into the river.

My daughter, McKenzie, really enjoyed reading the story and completing some of the activities within this guide. One of her favorite activities was choosing 5 things to pack for the journey. Here are her choices:





(Lol, an iPad!)

McKenzie was able to read the story aloud to me over the course of two days. She especially loved that the main character shared her name. 

    Josefina Story Quilt

The E-Guide is set up in an easy to follow style. It gives a Synopsis, tells about the author and illustrator, and includes a pre-reading activities. There is also an Overview of the complete story line as well as Post-Reading activities to complete. If your student enjoys this book, additional resources are provided towards the back with other novel suggestions.

Each chapter of the book is broken down in the E-Guide and the student’s knowledge is tested by several different types of learning exercises including:

Vocabulary ~ multi types of exercises including multiple choice, context clues, fill-in-the-blank, and dictionary definitions.

Comprehension questions ~ testing the students’ knowledge of what was read.

Thinking about the story ~ thinking questions and making story connections.

Descriptive writing ~ these fun exercises get kids thinking all the while encouraging writing skills.

Literary devices ~ presented at grade level.

Digging deeper ~ scripture and life lessons are presented in a Christian worldview.

I love that each guide takes care to draw the student back to the Bible.

As you can see each guide includes a variety of elements, depending on the level of the study. Check out the sample of the types of questions and information contained in the guides at the website. To make navigation on the website easier, literature guides are categorized by both genre and grade-level. The guides are extremely user-friendly and are currently available as a print version, CD in PDF format, and email as a PDF attachment.

I also love that there is no limit on copying pages for use within our home/school.  Progeny Press Guides are economically priced from $10.99 to $27.99.

New Study Guides for Literature From a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press Reviews}

Check out the online catalog for individual pricing on all the available guides.
We enjoyed our literature guide and will be purchasing more in the next few months for next school year.  

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New Study Guides for Literature From a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press Reviews}

Company ~ Progeny Press
Format ~ online PDF
Price ~ $11.99
Ages ~ 1st - 3rd grade

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