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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Northwest Treasures: Dinosaurs and the Bible and Taking the Mystery Out of Geology ~ a TOS review

Since my children all like science, we were excited to dive into a few Geology courses and have the opportunity to watch the introductory video Taking the Mystery Out of Geology. We also had the chance to have my dinosaur loving daughter to take the Dinosaurs and the Bible from Northwest Treasures.

Northwest Treasures

If you haven’t heard, Northwest Treasures is a company that teaches science through a Christian perspective. They have several geology courses including this one about dinosaurs and courses from the PreK-3rd grade Geology for "Little Eyes" through the high school level Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project. They also have physical courses and trips so be sure to check them out too.

Dinosaurs and the Bible Online Course

Our Dinosaur adventures began when we were given 6 months rental access to this video on demand series on Vimeo. With six lessons the whole instructional time is just 1 hour 49 minutes for the total course. Each of the six videos is approximately 16 to 21 minutes long so they are perfect for summer learning or during a school break. The best part is you can re-watch the videos over and over during your rental period.

In this course you will learn about: 
Lesson 1 ~ How We Got Our Modern View of Dinosaurs 
 Lesson 2 ~ The Classification of Dinosaurs: discusses the taxonomy 

Lesson 3 ~ Dinosaurs and the Bible, The Great Dinosaur Rush: finding and naming the dinosaurs from bones 
Lesson 4 ~ The Extinction of the Dinosaurs: just how did the dinosaurs really die 
 Lesson 5 ~ Dinosaurs and the Ice Age: dinosaurs during the Ice Age 
 Lesson 6 ~ Fossils, Age and Soft Tissue: fossils are time-making indicators. Just how old are they?

Because the videos are short they held my 11-year old daughters attention with no problem. The high quality photos and graphics in the presentation are very well done. The narrator, Patrick Nurre, has a soothing voice in the background. Lesson worksheets are provided too. They are simple worksheets that test comprehension of the material covered in the video. We were able to use these as a quick question and answer session.

Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course

We also had the chance to watch a single episode about Taking the Mystery Out of Geology. It is only 20 minutes long and shows you why it is so important to approach your study of science from a Christian worldview. This video is also intended for the 5th grade and up crowd as it explores different philosophies like evolutionism, creationism, and uniformitarianism to name a few.

Online Geology Classes{Northwest Treasures Reviews}
We have all enjoyed this video series tremendously! Montana loves dinosaurs and this series just fueled her love even more. She would love to have her own dinosaur fossils so we are going to surprise her with some for her birthday. My older daughter, Madison, is currently away at her pre-college program in Michigan taking a course on Geology. Madison dreams of being a Space Physicist and Montana loves chemistry. I can’t wait to share this video series with Madison when she returns next week so we can compare what she learned at school and what’s in the video. I know we will have some amazing dinner discussion! What I love most about this series is that emphasis is put on scripture and proves that you can be a scientist and be a Bible believing Christian too!

Overall this is a great course and we have enjoyed it tremendously! Our subscription lasts until the end of December so I know we will get a few more viewings of the videos in before our access ends. Be sure to check out what my CrewMates thought of both of these courses and the other course offered, Geology and Apologetics by clicking the banner below.

Online Geology Classes{Northwest Treasures Reviews}

Company ~ Northwest Treasures 
Format ~ online, Vimeo video
 Price ~ $39.99, on sale for $19.99 
 Ages ~ 5th grade through adult

Northwest Treasures
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