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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Snapshots of Us {29 - 35/ 365}

29/365 ~ It’s getting real now that Madison will graduate May 2019! She is applying to five different summer Pre-College programs and the last two weeks I have been knee deep in getting her official paperwork together. Next up is the counselor report and then printing the course descriptions. Thankfully I don’t have to start from scratch for every course she took since I can update the ones used for Marie. (29/365) #astablebeginning#snapshotsofus #365homeschool#deadlineslooming #brownhomeschool365#classicaleducation #homeeducator

30/365 ~ McKenzie needed a refresher in counting money today so we did a little hands-on learning. (30/365) #astablebeginning #snapshotsofus#365homeschool  #brownhomeschool365#homeschool365

31/365 ~ Madison enlists her siblings help in her last physics experiment. Can you spot the egg? (31/365) #astablebeginning #365homeschool#brownhomeschool365 #homeeducator#physicsclass

32/365 ~ I spent 2.5 hours in the local Homeschool bookstore this afternoon and found some great finds including these two items with my store credit. Then I moseyed on over to the teacher supply store and spent my gift card from Christmas. (32/365) #astablebeginning#365homeschool  #snapshotsofus#brownhomeschool365 #homeschoolhaul#homeschool365 #newcurriculum

33/365 ~ My new washer came. I was sad to see old blue leave but I love that this new washer is bigger than the last so it washes more clothes in fewer loads each day. 😁 (33/365) #astablebeginning#snapshotsofus#backinthewashingbusiness

34/365 ~ Saturday schooling finishing up work. (34/365) #astablebeginning #snapshotsofus#homeeducator

35/365 ~ I worked Bingo last night and my little man waited up for me, until 1145 pm ❤️ so sweet of him but he’s a little tired like his Mama today. (35/365) #astablebeginning #snapshotsofus#thethingswedoforourkids#gymnasticsmom

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