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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bytes of Learning: UltraKey Online Family Subscription ~ a TOS review

Being able to type proficiently on a keyboard is an essential tool in life. And I am not talking about a phone keyboard, but a regulation computer keyboard. Well, at least it is in my book and I am excited to tell you about a new typing program we have discovered: UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning.

This year my 5th grader, Montana is taking her first online history class and the answers to the homework questions are typed. In the beginning it was brutal because it was taking her hours upon hours to type her work out with the hunt and peck method. She has made great progress since August but having the UltraKey program at our disposal has been a blessing as she gets faster and more accurate with each weeks use.

UltraKey Online Family Edition

The UltraKey program is a self-paced, online typing tutorial that teaches correct finger placement as well as proper posture for ages 8 through adults. The ideal use of the program is for 20-30 minute lessons range from first learning where the letters are on the keyboard, to letter combination, progressing to words, and finally putting together complete sentences.

Right now, UltraKey Online is only oriented to the North American keyboard, with North America spelling and content. United Kingdom and Australian/New Zealand orientations will be implemented sometime during 2018. Working at a daily rate will produce faster results, but even using the program once a week will still produce results.

It is recommended before diving fully into the program, that the homeschool teacher thoroughly understand the instructional interface of the program including the management dashboard. This is super easy though even though it may seem complicated at first glance. A skill assessment is also given and throughout the program there are proper posture movies as well as correct finger placement movies that need to be watched. Hands down the best feature of the family subscription is that the program actually sets the pace for each member of the family! How cool is that!

UltraKey Online Family Edition

I was so glad to have the opportunity to review the UltraKey Online Family Subscription provided by Bytes of Learning with Montana! I remember taking a keyboarding class in high school and learning to type 75 words per minute. Since then I have studied Stenography, court reporting, and learned to type 165 words per minute on my Steno machine. I have since put my stenography on the back burner as I homeschool my children but I do insist on the girls learning to type properly and not use the hunt and peck way.

With UltraKey is am confident that not only are they getting top notch instruction but they are having fun too. My goal for Montana is to have her be able to type at least 35 wpm by the end of this school year. To help her reach this goal she will continue using this program. I think this is an attainable goal for her as she progresses with her typing skills. With UltraKey Online Family Subscription Bytes of Learning provides fun, engaging media-rich instruction for learning how to type.

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