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Friday, September 18, 2015

Super Teacher Worksheets ~ a TOS review


Have you ever needed just the right worksheet to fit the bill for a concept or idea you are teaching your child? Does you child need a little bit of extra practice on a certain skill? Well, today I am glad to share with you a super supplement from Super Teacher Worksheets. We received full year Individual Membership access to the site which allows unlimited access to all printable resources on the site for one user for just $19.95 per year.


Super Teacher Worksheets has created a plethora of worksheets to give your student just a little more time and practice. The website is chock-full of printable worksheets that are not only helpful but useful for homeschoolers, parents, and teachers alike to use with their students. There are literally thousands of worksheets to choose from so there is sure to be something you can find helpful too!


From preschool through middle school there are worksheets all neatly organized by subject area, concept and theme on the following topics:

Reading & Writing
Phonics & Early Literacy
Spellings Lists & Worksheets (Gr. 1-5)
Social Studies
Puzzles & Brain Teasers
Teacher Helpers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Make Your Own Worksheets


There are also seasonal and holiday worksheets for every subject along  with:

card games


coloring pages


I was able to use this with my three youngest daughters ages 12, 9, and 6. My youngest daughter, McKenzie, just turned 6 and school is fun for her! She loves to do worksheets, especially math ones that challenge her thinking. For my other two girls I used the worksheets to supplement their learning on topics that they may have needed a little bit extra time to master.


The worksheets do not feel like busy work at all so don’t let that turn you away thinking that they will. This site is a tool and you can use it just as that. We especially loved solving the Penelope Peabody mysteries and the Logic puzzles. It was so easy for me to print one out and send it with Mikayla to work on while she was on a training break at the gym.

I L-O-V-E Super Teacher Worksheets! This is a resource that definitely will be renewed when my year is up. There is so much that the site offers, its hard not to find something to use. If you are looking for quality homeschool pintables to supplement your learning, look no further that Super Teacher Worksheets!

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Company ~ Super Teacher Worksheets

Product ~ Individual Membership

Price ~ $19.95

Ages ~ preschool through middle school


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