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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dig-It! Games: Roman Town ~ a TOS review

Dig It! Games Review

There are so many opportunities for game based learning nowadays. There are especially a lot of game based apps for the elementary crowd, so you can understand my excitement today as I share a game based product geared especially for the middle schoolers in your life!

Sometimes playing video games is educational. Especially when you play the new game, Roman Town from Dig-It! Games. With this new game your child will take an educational journey back in time and explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii.

Dig It! Games Review

Dig-It! Games was founded in 2005 by a professional archaeologist and former middle-school teacher, Suzi Wilczynski, who sought to develop educational games which promote independent learning, creative thinking  and cultural awareness.

Dig It! Games Review

Roman Town is a puzzle-based game that will have your child exploring Pompeii through playing games and solving puzzles to track down the master thief, Ladrone.  Exciting game play has the user gathering clues by solving challenging mini-games that push your logic and creative thinking skills to the limit. You’ll need to use all your expertise to beat Ladrone at her own game.

Dig It! Games Review

This game features many aspects of ancient Roman games along with information about the Roman way of life. With a chance to solve 35 different puzzles, it is sure to keep your child hot on Ladrone’s tracks.

Dig It! Games Review

The game includes:

  • 35 unique, replayable puzzles
  • Investigate clues to track Ladrone
  • Play ancient Roman games
  • Detailed factual information about Roman life
  • Explore Pompeii
  • Free to download
Dig It! Games Review

Mikayla, my 7th grader, was my tester of this game and she enjoyed it! Roman Town is packed with history and geography information to keep you busy and learning. I will say that there is a lot of reading involved in this game, and that slowed down game play for her. However, it is still a fun and exciting game to play especially since she is just diving into Roman history. Overall, she was pleased with it and requested to play while going to and from the gym.

I should mention that Roman Town does require iOS 8.0 or later to run and does have in-game purchase options. Don’t let the add-on purchases scare you, I think they are totally worth it for game play. I would love to see this game available on a Kindle or Android operating system.

Dig It! Games Review

Mikayla enjoyed this game and learned a lot by playing the games. I like that she was able to play the game and get a mental workout when we were not able to get to our formal history studies. Do I think you should check it out for your family? Most definitely! It’s free after all, and you will be getting a great game filled with awesome historical information.

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Dig-It! Games Review


Company ~ Dig-It! Games

Product ~ Roman Town

Ages ~ middle schoolers

Platform ~ iPad, iPhone, or iPod {iOS 8.0}

Dig It! Games Review




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