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Friday, March 28, 2014

Strength Stack 52 ~ a fun way to get physically fit

I try to model physically fitness for the girls ss2everyday. Everything from eating properly with correct portion sizes, drinking plenty of water, to being physically fit. While, I am not able to be physically fit at this moment because of little Micah who is busy growing inside my belly I can still help my girls be active each day.



When I was approached by Sergeant Michael Volkin asking me to review his new game, Strength Stack 52, I jumped at the chance. I am always looking for ways to keep my girls who are not in sports physically fit I thought this new “game” would be a great fit for our family. We received one set of the Strength Stack 52 deck of cards.


Strength Stack 52  is the brainchild of military fitness expert, Sergeant Michael Volkin. This completely portable deck of cards pack a big punch. With many full body workout combinations you can keep these cards in your pocket or tuck them in your purse or gym bag and challenge your friends and family to a fun and challenging workout. The best part is that you no additional equipment is needed. Yes, you read that right, just you and the cards and you get an awesome workout.


Strength Stack 52 also features something called nano-sport periodization. What?! Yes, that’s what I said too at first but it makes perfect sense, so let me explain it a bit. Many studies have shown that several small workouts during the day, as opposed to one long one, provide more energy and increase more muscle. With nano-sport periodization is the power of challenge that comes out in you when you play sports with friends and family. The challenge of the game stimulates your mind to push your body just a little bit further than you normally would. I liken it to the thrill of competition.


Strength Stack 52 combined together with nano-sport periodization, will help you:

~ increase muscle strength

~ strengthen and stabilize your core

~ lower body fat

~ increase energy levels

~ increase attention span

~ increase work performance

~ increase in cardiovascular fitness

~ save money on gym membership

~ improve your physique

~ maximize muscle confusion, which prevents plateaus

~ participate in fun, exciting, and competitive workouts to play with your friends and family



Each card features:

~ features an exercise with a helpful silhouette of the exercise to be performed.

~ a through description of how to perform the exercise including a suggested number of repetitions is included too. 

~ color coded muscle grouping:

blue: cardio

red: core

pink: back

yellow: legs

orange: arms

green: chest

~ skill level classifications in the bottom right hand corner. {B= Beginner, I= Intermediate, and A=Advanced}

~ scan the QR code with your smartphone app to pull up a video of the exercise being performed.

~ numbered cards  from 1 to 51 for playing games and categorizing the difficulty of the exercises included. 

So, you are probably thinking that this deck of cards is going to cost you a lot of money for everything you get, right? Wrong! Nope! For just $16.95 plus $4.95 shipping in the USA you can have these in your hands in no time. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is just $9.95 and  just $18.95 for all other countries. Plus, if you are not completely satisfied Michael offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Like I said earlier, since I am not able to participate in exercise at this time I used these cards as a game with my girls. The cards have a recommended age of 16+ but with some modification I was able to use these cards with all my girls but mostly concentrating on Marie and Madison. To play we just picked a card and challenged each other to do the exercise for the required number of repetitions, kind of like playing the popular game of HORSE in basketball. Instead of keeping score with HORSE we used STRENGTH as our acronym and  kept going until one person could no longer do the exercise on the card.


Overall, the girls and I really enjoyed this card set. I enjoyed from the sidelines and can’t wait to be able to use the cards to get back in shape after Micah is born. We would recommend this card set to anyone looking to get physically fit without the use of heavy, expensive equipment or costly gym membership fees. Be sure and download a FREE 6-card sample of Strength Stack 52 for yourself to see if this would work for your family. Also be sure and download the 4 week Turn and Burn Fitness Routine and get the maximum impact with these cards.

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