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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sweet 16

sweet 16 prt 2 009

Today my oldest, Marie, turns 16. Oh my, how fast the time has gone!

We started out the day with the Lt. taking her out to breakfast at the local IHOP. She had a hamburger :) I guess when it’s your birthday you can eat what you want.  When she came home we surprised her with her gifts from her Grandma, sisters and the Lt. and I.

Sweet 16 006   Birthday Snow

 Sweet 16 019

Happy 16th Birthday!

I would give you 100 Grand because you Rock! You are not an Air Head or a Cry Baby and it’s UP2U to share these goodies Now & Later.

Love You!

Sweet 16 042 Sweet 16 048 Sweet 16 062 Sweet 16 090

sweet 16 prt 2 005

(her “new” to her car that was just freshly painted, for when she gets her license)

We went out to an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and then rounded out the evening with a trip to the local Sweet Frog, yum!

Sweet 16 007

Friday morning we loaded up and headed to Busch Gardens for a cold, yet fun filled day. There were no lines in the park so we virtually had the park free to ourselves and the 600 other people. With no lines it was easy to just hope on a ride or just stay on a ride to take another spin. I share pictures of Busch Gardens in another post later this week.

Sweet 16 103

We are so blessed to call Marie our daughter!

Happy Birthday!

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