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Friday, December 28, 2012

Twenty-twelve in a nutshell

2012 was a blessed year for us at A Stable Beginning! From visits from Grandma and Cousin Danielle, graduations, state championships, and field trips with friends it was a joy filled year! For this look back I have taken the first post of the month and added a favorite picture to go with it. On Monday, Dec. 31st see how my Crewmates are reflecting on their blogging year as we Look Back at 2012 by clicking HERE. Without further ado here is a look back at our year.

January ~ Happy New Year

Jan Misc 172

February ~ Kinderbach

Valentine's day 2012 052

March ~ Coming Back

Misc and Easter 2012 084

April ~ Happy Easter

Strawberry picking 002

May ~ Level 5 State Championship: Veni, Vidi, Vici!

262 222

June ~ The Road to Masters

 Mike's Masters graduation, prt 1 030

July ~ Homeschool Spanish Academy

Mike's Masters graduation, prt 1 047

August ~ Back to Homeschool: Planning

1st day of school 2012-2013 029

September ~ TOPs update: Audces fortuna iuvat

Lv. 5 STATE meet - Happy Bday 139

October ~ Where I Stood

GML apple picking 2012 072 

November ~ {my} Pumpkins

Pumpkins McKenzie

December ~ Wordless Wednesday: FAMEous


From the fullness of His grace

we have all received one blessing after another.

~John 1:16

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