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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coming back

I am starting to narrow down our curriculum choices for next school year.  A task that brings joy and stress all at the same time.  However,  I welcome it as I see it as a time of reflection of what worked this school year and what did not quite work for our family. Let me share with you some of the changes that I know we will be making.

Sonlight Customer Heirloom Level Sonlighter Club
Core IGs:
Core P3/4 Core B Core D Core G
Core H
Language Arts IGs:
Language Arts 1 Language Arts 2 Language Arts D Language Arts G
Science IGs:
Science B

Tapestry of Grace to Sonlight:

While the thought of having all of my girls studying the same history time period brought joy to my heart…it just did not work. Period. Marie had switched backed to Sonlight, Core 100 in October and upon reflection for Madison and Mikayla I was tailoring the TOG to be  I love the concept of TOG, I really do! The book selection and the craft activities are awesome for my craft loving girls, but it just did not work for us. With that said, we will be switching back to Sonlight for the 2012 school year knowing full well that the girls will all be in different History time periods.  And I am O.K. with that! Come August we will be studying Cores D, F, and 200 {if Marie is staying home…more on that later}. As of right now, I am anxiously waiting for the new Sonlight catalog to hit my mailbox.

Latin for Children to First Form Latin:

Can I just say I really love Memoria Press materials! The way the material is presented and taught appeals to me and the girls learning style. Latin for Children is a great program too, don’t get me wrong, you can read my review I wrote last year.  The girls have learned a lot from it and I will continue to use them for Montana and McKenzie’s Latin learning. Madison and Mikayla will be learning FF Latin while Marie will continue with Henle {if staying home}.

Rosetta Stone to ???:

Hmmm…can anybody recommend a Latin American Spanish program?  I am not displeased with Rosetta Stone, I just wonder if there is something else comparable to it?

So, that is what I have for now.  Are you making any curriculum changes to your homeschool next year? I would love to hear what you are planning.

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