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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Head crash


send-w6 I thought I was doing everything right? Backing up my files to my external hard drive and keeping up a good system. That is until one day a few weeks ago my main hard drive for my homeschool/life files
It won't turn on, it won't upload, we tried to plug it into an external uploader device and NOTHING.

My files are gone…

I don't know how to feel, but numb would best describe it.

There is a bright spot in this situation and I am clinging to that right now, my hard drive with my digital photos all the way back from 2005 are safe and I will be taking extra measures to keep them safe. Any suggestions? How do you preserve your photos?

The Lt. gave me a new Western Digital 3TB external hard drive for Christmas, what a great guy! It will give me a great start into the New Year and beyond.  Now I must figure out a way to remember what pertinent homeschool files can re-downloaded with our fast approaching school year restarting in January…

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