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Friday, October 21, 2011

TOS Review ~ E-mealz

Have you heard the E-mealz buzz?  If not, then let me tell you what a wonderful 14Oct Misc 008company this is!  I mean really, I decreased my weekly grocery bill down from $225.00  to $130.00.  That’s a $95.00 savings a week for my family of 7 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!  And how can you go wrong when your company has the endorsement from a trusted name in debt relief and money management?  Dave Ramsey has his photo on E-mealz website and his endorsement so I knew I wanted to try this company out.  Let me tell you how it works.


With our busy sports schedule during the week it has always been complicated for me to figure out a way to feed the girls a healthy meal before practice.  A fellow sports mom introduced me to the idea of having Supper for the lunch time meal.  That way I know they have a filling dinner and are not eating a full meal at 830 PM and the Lt. has a warm plate of dinner when he arrives home from work.  E-mealz makes this possible for me!


I struggle in the area of food planning and grocery shopping.  I always have, but now with E-mealz I have help.  E-mealz is an internet service that was created by two moms who understand that sometimes there is just enough hours in the day to plan healthy, balanced meals for our families.  With E-mealz you get weekly menu plans for 7 days, complete with recipes and a shopping list tailored to your supermarket choice and based on the number of people in your family.  There is a plan for family's of 4-6 or an option for a 5 day two person plan. E-mealz also caters to those with special dietary concerns, such as gluten free, vegetarian, portion control, low fat or low-carb.  There are several stores to choose from including:  Kroger, Publix, WalMart, Aldi, Ralphs, or the Any Store option.  They have it all covered!  I choose the regular family plan for WalMart.

emealz 003

Each week,Thursdays for WalMart plan,  a new menu is posted.  You open it up, download and print out. The menu is laid out in a grid form making it easy to read and to plan which day you will eat what meal.  The ingredients and the recipe are listed  right next to the meal plan making it easy to read and follow.

emalz 004

On the second page is your customized shopping list with prices planned around the sales at the grocery store.  It lists ALL the items needed for the weeks meal including staple items like salt, flour, and oil.  My weekly menus for dinner ran on average about $85.00 per week. I did find that not every item on the shopping list was the listed price, but I was told by other Crewmates that it was because food prices range from region to region.  But you know what?  I am OK with that for the amount I am saving!

I know your probably thinking that the meals could not be that delicious for that price, right? WRONG!  We had some really yummy meals and even my picky eater enjoyed them with some clever disguise.   Over the last 8 weeks we have enjoyed meals like:

Oct misc 024

Chicken Dijonnaise with wild rice, and homemade bread          

* a family favorite!

Oct misc 028

Incredible Baked Ziti

emealz 001

Calico Corn & Turkey Bacon Pie

14Oct Misc 008

Mango Tilapia with white rice and green beans

CandF 004

Pasta e Fagioli

What I liked about E-mealz

  • ALL the planning work is done for you.
  • You are automatically billed for 3 months.  You can go into the website and cancel at any time.
  • The recipes are nutritious with good variety and are simple to follow. You do not have to spend all day in the kitchen to make a delicious meal.
  • There are Crockpot meals, slow bake, and do ahead meals scheduled.
  • The E-Mealz program is budget friendly and inexpensive - it works out to $5 per month or $1.25 a week.

I will recommend and sing the praises of E-mealz to anyone who will listen!  This company's service is a great tool that takes the chore out of meal planning and grocery shopping, making it as easy as 1-2-3!  For that I am especially appreciative.  I will be continuing my subscription to E-mealz when my trial runs out.  Head on over and check out a sample full meal plan and shopping plan by clicking here.  Interested in hearing more reviews of E-meals, click on over to see what my fellow Crewmates had to say.


Product ~ E-mealz

Price ~ $15.00 for a 3 month subscription


I received a 3 month subscription to E-mealz , in exchange for a thorough and honest review.  Though I am compensated with free products, I am not compensated in the form of cash for my reviews.  The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but are not influenced by the company or the free product provided.

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