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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ring the bell ~ Mikayla got her kip

Ding, Ding!!!

Mikayla got her kip tonight at the end of practice,pottyand a kip 049 YAHOOOOO!!! She hit the skill two times in a row for it to count.  We are so excited that she got this new skill needed for the level 5 team.  Mikayla has been working really hard at building her upper body strength and it finally paid off today at practice.  Coach Mariah gave her a $1 bill and she got to pick a new gym monkey, the red one.

pottyand a kip 041pottyand a kip 037pottyand a kip 032 pottyand a kip 033 pottyand a kip 038pottyand a kip 039pottyand a kip 034          Way to go Mikayla, follow your dreams!!!

On another note, today was our last day of the 2010 ~ 2011 school year!  We made it, 2 years down.  I am very proud of the girls for their effort and dedication and hard work this year.  We had some pretty shaky parts but God guided us back down the right path and now we are back on track.  We start back up our summer session on June 20th for six weeks of of math, science, and LA arts.  We will be doing lots of reading as we complete our summer reading goals.  I will post our plans for that sometime next week.  I am still trying to put the last finishing touches on the project part of it. 

Next week we will be doing our yearly testing and then I will be heading to my very first Homeschool Convention on Friday.  I am pretty excited and can’t wait to hear all the wonderful speakers and experience the exhibitor’s hall. 

What have you been up to this week?

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