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Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday ~ my first one

This is my first link up with the Miscellany Monday bunch.  I think it will be fun to get my random thoughts out of my head.  So here I go…

June sprinkler fun 072

1. Yesterday I decided that I am going to be re-baptized.   I was sprinkled the first time, it’s time for full submersion. 

2. Today begins our first week of full summer schedule for gymnastics.  6 days a week I will drive to the gym, thankfully we now get to carpool 3 of those days with our neighbor.  I hope I have prepared myself because the girls are all gung ho!

3. McKenzie is cutting her bottom molars…she awakes quite frequently during the night…I pray they come through quickly, this Mama is tired.

4. I am reading The Book Thief and staying up way past my bedtime, only adding to the tiredness.  It’s really good!

5. My Saxon 6/5 is MIA.  Still awaiting feedback from the DIVE company that I purchased it from at Convention.  Hopefully, it will find it’s way home this week.

Have a great Monday!


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