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Friday, March 18, 2011

077 ~ 365


Aahhh…in our very near future, X’s 3 (this round).  We had our dentist/orthodontist appointment bright and early today. Things went well for check ups and  McKenzie tolerated the 2.5 hour wait as well as expected. Montana loved getting her teeth cleaned, no pictures for her this time.  I don’t blame her though, those x-rays a a bit uncomfortable.  End result is that Marie needs her 2nd phase of braces and bands, Madison needs her mischievous tooth extracted and the first round of braces treatment on the top, Mikayla needs to brush more diligently (we’ll just leave it at that) and needs two baby teeth extracted to make room for the permanent teeth along with some fancy spacer. Mikayla thinks she is getting the sparkly gold platted bands (bottom left), not!!!!

I am off for now, because I have to find the perfect place in the yard for my money tree to go, LOL!!!


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