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Friday, August 13, 2010

Favorite Homeschool Supplies

This past June we finished up our very first year of homeschooling. The girls succeed and excelled beyond what I imagined. Way to go GIRLS, you rock!!! Now that we are progressing on to our 2nd year I have insight for what supplies I need to make things run like a well oiled machine. These are a few of my favorite things.

1. Diet Pepsi ~I am not a coffee drinker…this is my Caffeine! (this will get me through the week)

Aug favorite things 032

2. Sharpie Pens ~ Sharpies make the world go ‘round. When I first saw these at the store a few weeks ago I did a happy dance in the store. Okay,  maybe not in the store but definitely when we got home. Do not touch! I hate to be selfish, but these babies are M-I-N-E!!!

Aug favorite things 022

3. Date stamper ~ I can not tell you how many times the girls forgot to write the date on their papers. Quite frustrating when you have a loose paper that you have to rack your brain to figure out when it was done, TWO WEEKS AGO! Hopefully, this beauty will do the trick and eliminate the need for brain racking. The girls have been stamping everything, we may run out of ink soon, very soon…

Aug favorite things 025

4. All In One Printer ~ This machine works as much overtime as do my washer. She’s there just when I need an extra copy or two.

aug faorite things 002

5. Electric pencil sharpener ~ Not much to say about this, but it gets a lot of use.

Aug favorite things 023

6. Note Flags ~ Red light, green light, remember that game?  I use these note flags for the girls readers. It helps them to visually see where they need to start reading and where to stop reading for the day without having to interrupt. 

Aug favorite things 026

7. Stapler ~ Pink, of course! It gets the job done.

Aug favorite things 027

8. Paperclips ~ Big and small. I use these to keep the girls weekly work paper clipped together in the yearly binders.

Aug favorite things 028

9. 3-hole punched and colored paper ~ call me lazy, but I like the convenience of the 3-hole punched paper. With the amount of copying that takes place in our house it is definitely a timesaver. The colored paper is used for each of the girls weekly schedule. A different sheet for each girls makes it easy to tell who has left there schedule laying around.

Aug favorite things 031

10.  Family planner/calendar ~ What a lifesaver this is, without it the Lt. may be lost. We actually have two, one that stays on the counter in the family household binder and this one that goes in my carryall purse. August looks light compared to what we have scheduled out for September. Things get pretty busy during the school year with practices, AWANA, and church group. I wouldn’t change it for the world though.Aug favorite things 019

So, those are a few of my favorite things that make my homeschool day. What are some of your favorites?

Chat later!

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