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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Measuring volume

Today Mikayla did a little experiment in math involving volume while Madison and Montana looked and listened in.

First though, they needed to take a trip outside to get the wiggles out and burn some energy off in the snow (that explains the messy hat hair).

Once back inside Mikayla needed to determine which jar would hold the least to most amounts of water and estimate how many cups of water that each different jar would hold. She calculated and wrote her estimates on the white board.

Meanwhile, Montana got in on the action and counted the linking cubes for Mikayla to use later.

Now, for the fun part, measuring water tinted blue. Mikayla filled the measuring cup and poured the water into each jar. Using the different colored linking cube she kept track of the volume each jar could contain.

It was so much fun to see that light bulb go off in her mind when she grasped the concept of measurement. I love that, homeschooling is so much F-U-N!!!

Chat later!
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