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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Plan ~ 12/7-12/13's cold outside! I am thinking we will be having some hearty meals this week. Three of the four Christmas parties we are invited to are this week, can we say party overload. I haven't forgotten about those party pictures either! The girls and I headed out to Sams Club today to look around and do some take-backs at Target. And you know we didn't leave Target without our Icee's, even if it was 39 degrees outside. Can you say instant brain freeze...

Here's what we'll be eating this week:

b~oatmeal, clementines, milk or juice
l~tuna salad sandwich, carrots w/ranch, apple slices
d~meatball hash brown bake, corn, hm bread
s~yogurt cup

b~hm waffles, peaches, milk or juice
l~corndog muffins, fruit smoothie, pretzel sticks
d~hm chili, white rice, cornbread
s~granola bar

b~bagel, strawberries, milk or juice
l~leftover chili, cornbread, rice
d~Italian stew, rolls, garden salad

b~pancakes, pears, milk or juice
l~turkey/ham tortilla wrap, chips, pineapples
d~tatertot casserole, applesauce
s~cheese & crackers

b~cereal friday, milk or juice
l~leftover tatertot casserole, bananas
d~soup, deli sandwiches, cantaloupe
s~hm cookies

b~free choice, milk or juice
l~Children's Christmas party
d~fish fry, fries, shrimp

b~breakfast burrito, grapes, milk or juice
d~rosemary roasted chicken, hm bread, mashed potatoes, green beans
s~cheese puffs ( because the girls talked me into buying the big tub that's bigger than McKenzie at Sam's Club)

Your turn! Head on over to Org Junkie and check out all of the wonderful menu ideas. I am off to bed...
chat later!


  1. This is my first visit to your blog. Your girls are just gorgeous! Your menu sounds full of flavor and variety. Thanks for sharing. I host a weekly blog event called Crock Pot Wednesdays. Come on over and link up if you would like.

  2. Your family is so cute, and I'm hoping I can be as organized as you when I have kids. It's so hard, even as a single, but I know it's essential. I've been trying to do better about planning my meals for the week, but I usually just focus on dinner. Thanks for the link.