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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly grocery shopping ~ Jan. wk3

It was a great trip to the WinCo as it only cost me $96.49 to feed (food items) the 16 of us this week. Check out this link to see what I am cooking this week.

deli salami $4.48
deli shaved honey ham $3.16
deli shaved turkey $3.16
kraft shredded cheese (2) $1.98 ea
texas toast $1.88
large dozen eggs $1.59
crescent rolls (3) $1.68 ea
frozen broccoli $2.32
butter sticks $1.98
buttermilk $0.41
vanilla yogurt $1.88
creame cheese $0.98
2% milk (2) $2.38 ea *not pictured*
pineapple-orange frozen juice $1.16
frozen chkn breast $4.97
fettucine alfredo (2) $0.88 ea
bisquick $2.78
0.90# pretzel twists $1.70
mandarin oranges (3) $0.48 ea
whole wheat tortilla $2.53
canned pink salmon (3) $1.64 ea
lemon juice $1.58
catalina dressing $2.67
ranch dressing $1.50
applesauce $2.20
green beans (2) $0.52 ea
cooking spray $1.68
fruit cocktail $1.37
spaghetti sauce $1.25
strawberry frosted poptarts $0.98
yogos bites $1.88
apple cinnamon oatmeal $1.48
0.48# granulated sugar $0.14
0.85# oats $0.36
iceberg salad mix $ 2.28
lemons (2) $0.44
celery hearts $ 1.98
green onions $0.68
cucumbers (3) $1.74
kiwi bag $1.48
1.81# tangelos $1.23
1.55# vine tomato $3.07
2# bag baby carrots $1.98
1.47# bananas $0.71
lasagna noodles $1.52
apple cinnamon cereal bars $1.98
tortilla chips (2) $1.18 ea

Non-food items:

Papertowels $7.98
neon straws (2) $0.85 ea
tax $0.82

Total food money left for the month =156.42

Total non-food money left for the month =$22.96


  1. I followed your link over from The Grocery Cart Challenge. You bought a ton of stuff! Good work.

    Do you provide meals for your daycare children?

  2. Oh man, you sacred me for a minute there... I was trying to figure out how that food would feed 16 people until I realized that included your daycare kids!

  3. Good job! Do you have any good kid friendly healthy recipes?

  4. Motherhen68: I feed my daycare kids, breakfast, lunch, and pm snack.

    SmrfChic: Yes, the 16 people include 13 children, and 3 adults.

    Jenny's Vegcafe: I will try to post some recipe links with my menu plans.

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  6. AWESOME!! I'm so glad to see someone else doing well with budget meals!