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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grocery shopping

So I have been following a great blog by a lady named Gayle, from the Grocery Cart Challenge, who feeds her family of six on a $60.00 a week budget, Amazing! Since it is one of my New Year's goals to reduce our grocery bill drastically, down to $500.00 a month; I am feeding our family of six, plus my 9 daycare kids and my assistant, breakfast, lunch, and PM snack. I have decided to include a seperate amount of $60.00 a month for non-food supplies, i.e. papertowels, hand soap, personal items, etc. Last week I did great and spent $99.33 on food and $8.48 on non-food items (papertowels). I didn't take pictures last week so I have nothing to show for a picture but my receipt :-)

This week is a different story. I made the mistake and slept in this morning and then went to my local WinCo at 10am, BIG MISTAKE! It was so crowded and I somehow lost my list, but turns out I just left it in the van, thank goodness. I also spent way too much on ground beef, but I will just use it for next weeks meals too. So here is what I came away with:

italian bread $1.48
(2)multigran bread $2.58 ea
(4)gallons of 2% milk $2.38 ea
(2 gallons of whole milk $2.38 ea
32 oz strawberry yogurt $1.88
dozen eggs $1.59
(3) shredded cheese $1.79 ea
10 pounds ground beef $31.18
6 pounds chkn breast $6.43
fish sticks $3.98
trix yogurt $2.18 *Madison requested this, I need to stop giving in to the little items not on my list*
tater tots $1.43
frozen peas $1.02
butter sticks $2.16
clover sprouts $1.58
shrimp ring $3.98
cheese slices $1.34
(2) frozen 100% juice $1.86 ea
frozen apple juice $1.18
applesauce $2.20
spaghetti sauce $4.37
(2)canned peaches $1.35 ea
(2)canned pineapples $1.53 ea
canned pears $1.16
(3)tomato soup $0.58 ea
(2)peas&carrots $0.91 ea
(4)progressive chkn noodle soup $1.38 ea
(2)canned corn $0.55 ea
chili can $0.98
goldfish box $5.98
4# gala apples $2.98
3# granny smith apples $3.28
5# bag potatoes $1.78
green onion bunch $0.68
3.44# banana bunch (8) $1.65
2.59# red grapes $2.54
1.81# navel oranges (2) $1.05
0.97# pretzels (from bulk bin) $1.83
2.79# cantaloupe $2.18
0.52# baking powder $0.41
kiwi bag $1.48
cran-grape juice 64oz $1.98
salad dressing (salad dressing) $1.88
mustard $0.69
vinegar $0.94
(2)barilla spaghetti pasta $1.23 ea
tortilla chips $1.18

Total food items $147.76

bounty select-a-size $7.98
lysol cleaning wipes $5.22
sponge $1.78
kleenex 3 pack $3.08
Total non-food items $18.06

Total food money left for the month $252.91
Total non-food money left for the month $33.46

I had $3.50 worth of coupons


  1. You got a shrimp ring for $3.98? Wow, that is a great price.

  2. The menu sounds fabulous and I am very impressed. I love daycare providers... my mom has done this for 45 years!

  3. Hi,I'm atlcouponmom and I wanted to tell you I love your blog and I get alot of inspiration from it also! i'm a little scared to post anything but I got up the nerve. I'm also a sahm and I also have a family of 6 and I'm a Home care provider in ATL. I wanted to leave you a tip that help me out on how to get your grocery down a little more..I spend $60.a week and normally I get about $ $350. of groceries. I started looking around and found tons of coupons on Ebay,couponmaster,e-saver and cellfire! I now receive tons of coupons from also coupon trains. Its great to see someone like me! Take care and I will continue to follow your blog..May god bless you and keep you strong..much luv from ATL!