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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Homeschool Art lessons with ARTistic Pursuits ~ a TOS review


Disclaimer: I received a Complimentary copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family and I pray you, the reader, find them helpful on your homeschooling journey. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC Regulations.

Morning friends! It’s a busy week in our house as we have jumped back into our school year. It’s our 14th year, wowzers! We are taking a slow start by just doing a few subjects at a time to ease us back into our full time learning by the end of the month. So far, it’s been good, and I know I have enjoyed getting back into routine.ARTistic Pursuits
Today I am pleased to share with you another review from our favorite art education program, ARTistic Pursuits, who offers homeschooling families fabulous art curriculum materials such as their ART Core Series. We received the Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5 for this review and my 10th grader Montana worked through the book. 
The Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5 is an advanced high school level art course that teaches students to discover their creative strengths with water-soluble pencils and graphite. The course is available with the standard DVD/Blueray CDs to view the nine video lessons of the program. Or you can choose the new Online Streaming option that gives you two years of unlimited access to the complete program through a flip able online book that is identical to the hardcover book. This is an awesome option for those who are on the go. Or if you don’t have a DVD/CD drive on your newer computer, the streaming option works great. 
A list of materials needed can be found in the front of the book so you can be prepared come art day. Many of the art supplies needed can be found at your local stores or you can opt to purchase a supply kit directly from ARTistic Pursuit. For this course your student will need: 
~ graded drawing pencil, set of 12 
~ Ebony drawing pencils 
~ water-soluble pencils
 ~ #8 round watercolor brush
 ~ plastic eraser 
~ kneaded eraser
 ~ metal pencil sharpener 
~ sandpaper block 
~ drawing pad 9x12 
~ Bristol pad (vellum surface) 
This course is worth ½ credit and can be scheduled out twice a week over the course of one semester for those looking to give credit for or in preparation for college level courses. The textbook is a hardcover book with 64 pages inside and it also includes art history within the 36 lessons. This course also includes an art history portion where you will study and become familiar with nine artists such as, da Vinci, van Gogh, Buonarroti, and van Rijn. Brenda Ellis, the author, has made this program so simple to get started with there is no excuse to why your student can’t have a world class art education right from home! 
Each of my children have been blessed with artistic talents and Montana is no exception. She is a natural artist who has loved to draw since was a little girl and she was excited to review this new course to use over the last few weeks. She has learned her skills from several of the books from Artistic Pursuits as well as just through exploring techniques on her own. Montana recently bought herself a drawing tablet for an upcoming animation course she is taking in the school year to push her drawing to the next level using all the techniques she has learned from ARTistic Pursuits over the years.
We highly recommend you take a look at this course, Drawing with Water-soluble and Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 5, or get started with any of the other courses ARTistic Pursuits offers including these that were reviewed, 

 Grade K through 3 Art Program 

 Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, Vol. 1 

 Art of the Ancients, Vol. 2 

 Art of the Middle Ages, Vol. 3

 Art That Shaped the Italian Renaissance, 

 Art of the Northern Countries, Vol. 5, Grades 

 Art of the Impressionists, Vol. 6 
 Art of the Modern Age, Vol. 

 Art in America, Vol. 8 

 ART Core Series 

 Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1 

 Painting with Watercolor Pencils, Art Core 2 

 Drawing with Graded Graphite Pencils, Art Core 3 

Click the banner below and read the thoughts of my 32 CrewMates and find the perfect homeschool art curriculum for your budding artist!

Art Instruction 

 Format ~ hardcover book, DVD or Streaming 
Price ~ $69.99
 Ages ~ high school aged 14 and up, ½ credit

  ARTistic Pursuits

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