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Monday, June 21, 2021

2021 ~ 2022 Plan of Study


12 years of home education down

3 high school graduates                                         

1 University graduate

1 University Junior

1 University Freshman

3 children left at home to educate in 9th, 6th, and 2nd grades

Never in a million years did I think we would be in this position when we first started homeschooling back in 2009. We knew we were moving to VA in the fall of 2008 and that’s when God laid it on my heart to keep my then, three school age daughters home. It’s been quite an adventure as we have navigated through Tot School through High School. There have been years where we have been deep in the trenches of homeschooling where I felt as if I were barely hanging on. But you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world! My children have excelled and been able to pursue the extracurricular activities that interest them whether it be sports, the arts, or Scouting and the fruits of their labor have paid off time and time again.


This 13th year marks a milestone for us so to speak. You see, my last three children have been educated entirely at home. It’s a huge honor and one that I don’t take lightly. I am excited to see them continue to flourish and achieve their educational dreams over the next 11 years we have left homeschooling.


Once again we are navigating University move-in’s so we are starting later than normal. In 9 short weeks our school year will begin on August 23rd  with a 9th grader, 6th grader, and 2nd grader.  It has taken me so long to release this Plan of Study this year because I have had to rethink several curriculum choices for my children. With their input, I have researched and scoured websites, blogs, and reviews to see if the curriculum would be a fit for each child. The biggest change for this upcoming year is that Montana will dive into her first AP course with Human Geography (more about this below).


As in previous years, each of my children will have a specific area that we will focus on throughout the year. Pouring into their individual focus areas has led to good fruits down the road as they leave the nest for University. This year the bulk of our curriculum budget is going to online classes for Montana and McKenzie. Typically, we don’t start online classes until 10th grade, but I recognized early last year that I needed a year to regroup after going hardcore for the previous 12 years. The bulk of Micah’s curriculum is material that we already have with a few exceptions. 

This year we will continue our 4-day, Sabbath schooling schedule of 6/1 (6 weeks schooling / 1 week off) with tweaks during meet season. After much consideration we will be keeping McKenzie in the homeschool morning training schedule for as long as the opportunity affords because it fits our evening needs as a family unit and her gymnastic goals. As a new middle schooler with a heavier course load, she knows it will mean she will be held accountable for her time in the mornings and on double day trainings that are dedicated for school. I am excited to see her rise to the challenge and excel during this time of transition.

We are also excited to fully return to our Wednesday Co-Op where the kids will take some pretty neat enrichment courses. I am looking forward to teaching two fun classes and having a Study Hall. Montana may choose to use Wednesday as a catch up day for school because her workload will increase with high school/college courses. As always, the standing rule is if you don't finish your assignments during the week, it must be done by Saturday afternoon.

With our August 23rd start date we will have 15 weeks completed by the start of our Christmas break on December 17th. Let’s dive into what we are planning to study. 

This year Montana will continue building on her college prep studies. She has already earned 3 high school credits from 8th grade year and is excited to officially be a high schooler! This year her focus studies will be in math. 

  ~ Sonlight Bible 200 ~ Westminster Catechism

 ~ Saxon Algebra 1 with lecture from Mom and Nicole the Math Lady

Honors Science 
 ~ Apologia Biology online with Veritas Press

Honors English 9
~ Rod & Staff Grammar 9/10, Book 1

~ Wordly Wise 3000, Book 9

~ Composition 1 online with Veritas Press 
~ Sonlight Literature Core 200

 Human Geography with AP test  

*Montana will be doing a self-study for this course as I am not submitting a syllabus to the College Board for approval. I have found another homeschooler who has created the course and will be following her scheduling to prepare for the May exam.


Foreign Language

~ Spanish: Avancemos 1 online with Veritas Press


~ Apologia Health
~ Artistic Pursuits, High School Book One

~ Softball, fall & spring through rec league?


~ PSAT/ACT study 45 min/4 days *I am planning on having her take the PSAT in October to get a baseline score.

~ Girl Scout Cadette

Total credits: 8 credits 


Last year we changed up our history study for my youngest two. Bottom lineit didn’t work and I quickly went back to Sonlight but with a twist. McKenzie was not ready for complete independence of Core G and I really wanted to focus just on Ancients with the Story of the World as our spine with both her and Micah. So, she completed the first half of Core G and will finish Core G, Middle Ages this year. I still plan to add in hands-on learning for them both as we go the Middle Ages. My goal for her this year is to get her ready for Core H in 7th grade. Also, you may notice that she is jumping into her high school science prep for 6th grade instead of 7th. She’s ready and she has a great teacher online to help increase her love for science that has been planted in the grammar level. Her focus this year is on spelling and vocabulary.

Morning Time Recitations *more to come on our plan

~ Wise Up from Positive Action for Christ 

~ Saxon 7/6 with Nicole the Math Lady

~ Apologia General Science online with Veritas Press

Language Arts 
~ Rod & Staff Grammar 6 
~ Rod & Staff Spelling 6

~ Writing with Skill 1
~ Get to the Root of It Vocabulary

~ Reading List *coming soon


~ Sonlight Core G, 2nd half Middle Ages

~ Sonlgiht Core G literature list

Foreign Language 
~ Latin Transition online with Veritas Press (Latin Alive 1)


~ Critical Thinking Skills 2

~ Inference Jones 1

 ~ Level 8 gymnastics Team, 25+ hours a week

*we are hopeful she moves up to compete Level 8 this season after coming off of injury and repeating Lv7.

Time is flying by and my baby boy is in 2nd grade! This year we are going to continue plugging along and laying the foundation in the basics for him. I am switching a few subjects this year to BJU Press because he enjoys the colorful workbooks this curriculum provides. Like his sisters, Micah is strong in math and loves to read. Our focus this year is completing our work without complaining. 

Morning Time Recitations 

 ~ BJU Press Bible Truths: A Servants Heart 

 ~ Saxon Math 2 
 ~ Math Made Fun, Grade 2

 Language Arts / Phonics 
~ Rod & Staff Grammar 2

~ Writing with Ease 1

~ Explode the Code, Books 4,5, & 6

~ BJU Press Spelling 2

~ Wordly Wise 3000, book 2

~ Sonlight Readers 2
~ A Reason for Handwriting, Transition

~ Reading list * coming soon. I would love to know what some of your favorite reading books are for this age?

~  Sonlight Core C: Geology, Meteorology, Mechanical Technology 

~ Sonlight Core C

Foreign Language 
Song School Latin 1 with Classical Academic Press 


~ Artistic Pursuits, Book 3 Middle Ages


 ~ Fall & Spring Baseball

~ Boy Scout Wolf



Thanks for making it through this long post! This week I am going to finalize our Morning Time Recitation plans and booklists. We are in the process of a major house declutter and room swap (yes, again) so I’ll be painting and doing that in the next few weeks as well. I’m excited for year 13, our first day will be here before we know it!

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