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Friday, April 16, 2021

Creative Art Education from ARTistic Pursuits ~ a TOS review

Disclaimer: I received a Complimentary copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. 

Happy Friday guys! We are busy wrapping up our school year, just FIVE more weeks to go, but today I want to share with you another review from our favorite art education program, ARTistic Pursuits, that helps my kids get creative. This time we received a complimentary copy of K-3 Vol. 3 The Art of the Middle Ages that I have been using with my first-grade son, Micah. 
With our busy schedule, I often struggle to incorporate art into our week even though I know how important it is to let kids express themselves. However, the K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. makes art instruction easy for this Mama!
There are eight volumes (we own 3) total in this series which include: 
 Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary (Vol. 1) 
 Art of the Ancients (Vol. 2) 
 Art of the Middle Ages (Vol. 3) 
 Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance (Vol. 4) 
 Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism (Vol. 5) 
 Art of the Impressionists (Vol. 6) 
 Art of the Modern Age (Vol. 7) 
 Art in America (Vol. 8) 
Like the other volumes in this series, Vol. 3 is a beautiful hardcover textbook filled with 18 projects that focus on needlework, weaving, and oil pastel. Lessons cover art that was produced in the Middle Ages from the early Migration Period AD 500 to the Gothic architecture 1300 that was found in France. 
The course is available with the standard DVD/Blueray CDs to view the video portion of the program. Or you can choose the new Online Streaming option that gives you two years of unlimited access to the complete program through a flipable online book that is identical to the hardcover book. This is an awesome option for those who are on the go. Or if you don’t have a DVD/CD drive on your newer computer, the streaming option works great.
We love ARTistic Pursuits Inc. here at A Stable Beginning so we were thrilled to receive another volume of the K-3rd Grade. Getting started with the program is so simple! I love that there is a materials list in the front of the book so you can be prepared come art day. Many of the art supplies needed can be found at your local stores or you can opt to purchase a supply kit directly from ARTistic Pursuit.
Micah especially loves when he can do art lessons! I love how easy it is to bring quality art concepts and lessons to him. I scheduled our art lessons over the course of 2-3 days each week. To start out I would read to Micah the short lesson pages from the book as we studied and talked about the pictures on the lesson pages on day one. Then on our next schedule art day we simply watched the video lesson together on the computer and then I provided the necessary supplies for him to complete the art project. If he needed an extra day to finish the art project we would do that on Saturday morning.
ARTistic Pursuits offers a wonderful Art program and includes many different grade levels from Preschool through High School. I am so happy that they help me provide quality art instruction for my kids. We will continue to use this Volume for Micah as well as the Beginner Level, Art Core 1, Drawing with Graphite Pencils  for my rising 6th grader McKenzie, and the Artistic Pursuits, Senior High Book 1, The Elements of Art and Composition program for my rising 9th grader, Montana, next school year. It’s going to be a great year filled with creative art education for my kids. 
Be sure to check out the website an see all of what ARTistic Pursuits has to offer to bring out your students creativity. But don’t just take my word for it! 44 of my CrewMates also reviewed one of the following products: 

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 K-3 Vol. 3 Art of the Middle Ages 
K-3 Vol. 4 Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance
 K-3 Vol. 5 Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism 
 K-3 Vol. 6 Art of the Impressionists 
K-3 Vol. 7 Art of the Modern Age 
K-3 Vol. 8 Art in America 

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