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Monday, February 15, 2021

Guest post~ How to Make Science Fun in Homeschool


Did you enjoy science as a kid or did you loathe it? With science, it seems like it could be a love it or loathe it subject. A lot of kids love the experiments and fascinating facts, but some would rather be on the playground. And then some kids wonder why they would need to understand science at all. 

Science is a wonderful world that can teach us so many things. It teaches us about the world around us and how it works, what makes everything work in its own special way. It can also help with critical thinking skills and deeper learning. 

But with all that being said, sometimes kids still need that extra boost to make science fun. 

 Here are some fun ways to make science awesome in homeschool 

1. Interactive Activities

If you have a hands on child, experiments are the way to go. Kids that are kinesthetic  learners will understand much more when they can get their hands dirty! Science experiments are also helpful for visual learners as well. Some children don't understand a concept unless they can see it themselves. So teaching these concepts firsthand is the best way for a child to understand.

2. Watching Videos

Remember when the teacher used to put on a movie in class and how happy everyone got? Watching videos and movies in homeschool is still fun and can help kids learn. There are so many educational videos out there especially on the internet to choose from! And videos can help reinforce learning.

3. Make Up Songs

Some children can remember anything if it's put to a tune. Try making up fun songs to the tunes of popular children's songs for things to remember. This is a really fun way to involve kids of all ages!

4. Coloring Pages

If you homeschool a lot of different ages at the same time, keeping the smaller ones entertained can be challenging. But with coloring pages on the same topic, they can still be involved and learning. Plus coloring helps improve concentration.

5. Field Trips

This one would be a no-brainer for any teacher! Field trips are such a fun way to teach kids and let them explore on their own pace. With science, the possibilities are endless! You can find a science museum near you, science fairs, go on a nature walk in a park, head to the zoo for biology, etc. There are a lot of out of the box places you can learn about science that you wouldn't even think of. Like your own kitchen for science experiments when cooking too!

Science can be a fun subject for a lot of students but sometimes they still might need a little help. If you find you have a struggling student, then perhaps looking up science tuition in your area would be a help. Finding a good tutor is beneficial to children and can help them understand science topics better if they are needing extra help.

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