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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Homeschool science for middle school with Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd edition ~ a TOS review

We are big fans of the K-12 science curriculum from Apologia Educational Ministries. I am sure you have heard of Apologia Educational Ministries if you are a homeschooler. If you are not, let me tell you a little about them. Apologia is one of those companies that everybody talks about and for good reason too! Apologia publishes K-12 Creation-based science and worldview curriculum for children K-12, inspirational books about homeschooling, and hosts online classes through Apologia Academy.

This year, I will have a seventh grader as we head into our 11th year of our homeschooling journey! Seventh grade in our homeschool marks the transitional year as we start our college prep studies and our focus on STEM study. If you are looking for middle a school science course, you need to read my review of Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition from Apologia.

For this review Apologia graciously sent us the Basic Set that includes the hardcover Textbook, Spiral bound Student Notebook, and Solutions and Test manuals.

Textbook: a 430 page hardcover textbook written to the student. It includes photographs, charts, and graphs over a wide range of science disciplines to give a broad overview of the sciences. Like other Apologia books, the password to access the book extras are located inside this book. Be sure to check these helpful extras out.

Student Notebook: a spiral bound, consumable notebook that is essential to the transition from elementary to middle school. The notebook helps to teach the all important skill of note taking and writing lab reports. Many of the Labs have been updated for the 3rd edition. Lab materials can be found at the Dollar store or around the house.

Solutions and Test Manuals: these softcover books are provided to aid the teacher in helping the student complete the course. The tests include matching, multiple-choice, and short answer questions like you would find on a nationalized standard test such as the SAT/ACT. The first two tests are meant to be completed as open book tests.

This newest edition of General Science was updated and created to bridge the gap between elementary, teacher-led science, to be a more independent science program starting in 7th grade. This curriculum can be used in 8th grade as well, but it is intended to be the first science course taken in Junior High.

As I said above, our college prep science series starts in 7th grade. Because of this, I chose to purchase the MP3 Audio CD, and Video Instruction Thumb Drive on my own for use with this homeschool science for middle school course.

This General Science curriculum includes 14 modules of learning. Lessons, Labs, and other hands-on activities are scheduled out for you and your student in the Student Notebook. A great feature of the Student Notebook is that the curriculum is scheduled out over 4 days for 33 weeks of the year.

Your student will work through the following topics:

Module 1 ~ The History of Science: Search for the Truth 
Module 2~ Scientific Inquiry and the Scientific Method 
Module 3 ~ Documenting and Interpreting Experimental Results 
Module 4 ~ Scientific Analysis and History 
Module 5 ~ Earth Science: Astronomy 
Module 6 ~ Earth Science: Geology and Paleontology 
Module 7 ~ Earth Science: Meteorology and Oceanography 

Module 8 ~ General Chemistry 
Module 9 ~ General Physics 
Module 10 ~ Life Science 
Module 11 ~ General Biology 
Module 12 ~ Marine Science 
Module 13 ~ Environmental Science 
Module 14 ~ Science and Creation

This course in General Science is Creation based and reinforces principles of the Bible. It will help your child be able to defend what they believe as they learn the facts of the science realm. This is one of the reasons why our family chooses Apologia for our science curriculum from elementary through high school.

Montana has enjoyed this curriculum during our summer learning. The updated 3rd edition is the right amount of rigor for her to begin her college prep series. I like the format of the Student Notebook and the way it guides the student through the learning process.

Having the opportunity to purchase the lecture CD has been a tremendous help for us as well. Montana is able to watch the lecture and get the reinforcement of what she read in the book as well. Since the 3rd edition is a bit different that the 2nd edition that I have used with my three older girls, I also elected to purchase the MP3 audio CD to have the textbook read to me. That way I can help Montana in her weekly learning and we both are on the same page so to speak.

Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition. {Apologia Reviews} 
Hands down, we love this new edition of Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science and will be using it as our main 7th grade science curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year! But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what 38 of my CrewMates thought of this set by clicking the link below.

Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition. {Apologia Reviews} 

Company ~ Apologia 
 Format ~ Basic Set: Textbook, Student Notebook, Solutions/Test Manual 
 Price ~ $119.00 
 Ages ~ 7th and 8th grade

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