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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Elementary Math Games from The Critical Thinking Co. ~ a TOS review

Do you have a favorite homeschool company that you always seem to navigate back to? I am a huge fan of The Critical Thinking Co. so I was thrilled when we were picked to receive Elementary Math Games to use with my youngest daughter, McKenzie. We have been playing fun math games with this book for weeks now, let me tell you a little more about it.

The Critical Thinking Co. is a family-owned business that has been “empowering the mind” for more than 50 years. They sell critical thinking products/supplements that cover reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history. Instead of rote drilling and memorization, students are encouraged to “carefully analyze what they are learning.” The Critical Thinking Co. is on a mission to develop the critical thinking skills in all children. The Elementary Math Games book is available in either book form or Windows PC download.

I specifically requested a digital copy of the book that includes over a 150 pages! I find that this format works best for our family because I have a younger son behind McKenzie who will eventually use this book too. I especially appreciate the generous copy write The Critical Thinking Co. provides in letting the purchaser make as many copies of the pages within the eBook as necessary for their family. This is extremely helpful to me as I try to provide quality learning materials for my family. This product is also available as a paperback, and carries the same “family” copy write provisions if you have multiple children to use this book. This is something that as a large family homeschooler I appreciate.

Elementary Math Games is written for children in 3rd through 5th grade and features twenty different math games on number sense, problem-solving, and operational fluency. Each of the games is classroom tested and many only require a pencil and paper and a set of dice or spinner. Many of the games come with different variations of the same game. For example there are several types of BINGO to cover decimals, fractions, etc. Plus all the games come with clear directions so you can get started having fun right from day one.

The concepts taught for the target grades include: 
- Number Sense 
- Operational Skills 
- Place Value - Decimals 
- Fractions 
- Characteristics of Numbers: Multiples and Factors, Prime and Composite Numbers, Perfect Squares - Math Vocabulary and Symbols Formulating Math Problem-Solving Strategies

We played these games on Sunday afternoons after church in preparation for the week. Sometimes I wrangled in my older girls into play when we needed more people. It made it all the more fun when we did this because let’s just say we are a competitive family. Everyone wants to win so it made game play more fast paced and exciting. Our favorite games to play were Top Ten with a Twist and Math In A Circle.

I really enjoyed playing these games with McKenzie and how they reinforced math concepts that she is learning now and ones she has already learned. She likes hands-on learning and these games provided that needed learning style for her. My plan is to keep incorporating these games into her learning each week and to purchase the middle school edition for my middle schooler, Montana.

Critical Thinking, Math, Vocabulary & Writing Skills {The Critical Thinking Co. Reviews}
But don’t just take my word for it about how great these games are! Check out what my CrewMates think by clicking the banner below and reading their reviews. Some of my CrewMates reviewed the Middle School games and others reviewed different products like:

Middle School Math Games, Grades 6-8 

Plus, The Critical Thinking Co. is so great that they are offering a special promotion and coupon code just for you! From now until 12/31/2019 you can get 15% off any size order, plus fee shipping! That makes this eBook just $13.59!

Critical Thinking, Math, Vocabulary & Writing Skills {The Critical Thinking Co. Reviews}
 Format ~ eBook, but also available as a book 
 Price ~ $15.99 
 Ages ~ 3rd - 5th graders

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