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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Who is who?

6yr old Madison

I can't believe we are blazing through October already! I wanted to write a quick message to all my new friends here on the blog, Facebook and Instagram. If you know me in real life you might be wondering why my children are called by different names online.

First off, you are not going crazy! I do call my children all by their middle names, with the exception of Micah. His middle name is not Micah but we have a "M" thing going on and I would confuse you even more so we just stick with Micah.

Why, you ask?

Well, way back in 2008 when I started this little blog of mine I had four little girls and I wanted to give them some privacy as I began documenting our lives on the world wide web. The thing is, we have called our children by their middle names since they were babies. They answer to my and my husbands voice when we call them by their middle names out in public etc. I guess you could say it is for safety in a sense.

Now, not to throw you for a loop but I have stopped referring to my oldest as Marie on Instagram and Facebook, as she is now a {young} adult. I still from time to time brag talk about her and when I do I use her real name. However, I do call her Marie on the blog because it's just easier. My second oldest, is nearing adulthood, but I will continue to refer to her as Madison for a few more years. Well, with the exception of when I tag her in a facebook post. ;-)

So, next time you are reading a post or a status update from me and wondering just who is who, check back on the blog or ask. Like many parents, I love chatting about my kiddos and their individual adventures through this thing we call life.

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