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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Adaptive Math Curriculum Online ~ a TOS review

Math! It can strike fear within a person like nobody’s business, whether it be on the account of the parent or the student. Many people struggle or don’t feel as confident with teaching different levels of math so It’s nice to have a helping hand. You get just that with the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.). Using this Homeschool Math Online program I was able to identify and address the learning gaps in my 5th and 2nd grade daughter's math skills.

McKenzie, who is 8, has always excelled in math. Numbers and number sense comes easy for her. Montana, my 11 year-old, on the other hand does well at math but she has to work at it. We were lucky to receive a full year subscription to the Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math which is an online Multi-Sensory Interactive Math program. This unique program is a full math curriculum program that teaches grades 1st – 6th, plus Pre-Algebra so there is a program just right for your child.

Adaptive Math

Getting started is quite simple. First, to ensure that your student is placed into the proper level, the program requires the student to take a placement test after you enroll him or her in the “target” grade level. A mini-test is given for each major math concept to gauge the student’s skill level. Since the program is computer based, the program automatically adjusts the difficulty of the questions being asked of the student based on previous responses all the while the program is calculating behind the scenes the learning gaps, if any.

Once the placement test is complete and the learning gaps are found, the program automatically creates an individualized lesson plan for the student. These plans are not the run of the mill, worksheets, etc. Rather they are detailed and included video instruction, interactive review, and online worksheet practice.

 1. Adaptive placement tests identify weak skill areas and identity’s learning gaps.

2. Colorful Flash animation and videos provide real life examples and make learning fun!

3. Master math concepts completely before moving on to the next lesson.

A+ Interactive Math is a skill-based learning program that not only teaches and tracks your students’ progress, but it automatically grades the work too! Parents and instructors have access to this information at any time through the dashboard. One of the best features of the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online is the option to include up to 10 students! So no matter how big or small your homeschool is, they have got you covered!

 Program features include: 

~ supported on both Windows & Mac platforms and most mobile devices for learning on the go 
~ fully automated 
~ fits any learning style 
 ~ real time feedback 
~ promotes independent learning 
~ printable worksheets and exams 
~ instant online grading 
~ makes math fun! 

We used this homeschool math program with McKenzie (2nd grade, 8-years-old) and Montana (5th grade, 11 years-old) a three times a week. Access to the course came just at the right time. I was down with a nasty cold and the kids were going stir crazy from lack of structure. With the easy installation of this program I had them set up to start within minutes of setting up your account. Lessons are short and contain both audio and visual aspects for different learning styles. Normally, we set the timer for 30-45 minutes depending on whether or not they had done a lesson in our current math curriculum. If they had not they would each spend at least 45 minutes online completing sections.

McKenzie enjoys working on math so it was easy to get her to participate in this review. She is a very eager learner and while I do believe we are in a "good" place right now in our current math studies, it is always nice to have a helping hand or another viewpoint. I especially liked the fact that I could say on Wednesday, McKenzie’s busiest schedule day because of a double day of gymnastics training, to jump on the computer or her iPad and complete her time before heading back to the gym. I was happy she got some math learning in for the day and she was happy to have screen time on the computer or her iPad.

Montana is not always so eager to complete her math. While she did do the lessons there was some grumbling at times. However, I saw the most improvement in Montana’s math right away. She has been able to recall those pesky math facts that always seem to slow her down a bit easier. Having her use her iPad made math more fun to her in the sense she was not tied down to the computer. Over the summer months the plan is for both girls to keep plugging away three days a week with the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online program.

Overall, I feel this is a complete and thorough math program that rivals other computer based programs. I am pleased with the instruction that both Montana and McKenzie have had access to as we fill in any learning gaps with our current math curriculum. I think it is always good to have another point of view when learning math concepts and I believe A+ Interactive Math helps us in doing just that.

A+ Interactive Math offers a lot of freebies for homeschool families to try before buying into their program. Below are TWO of the most popular freebies so be sure to check them out!

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Family & Adaptive Math Online {A+ Interactive Math Reviews}
 Platform ~ online, Windows or Mac platform 
Ages ~ 1st – 6th grade math & Pre-Algebra

A+ Interactive Math

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